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Linda Orajekwe: The Terrorists We Create



dreamstime_l_56208156Terrorism is a global epidemic facing every individual. We move around watching our backs, full of mistrust and praying every step and breath is not our last. These people are members of our society and one would wonder how such an upright member of a society became the most feared person alive. But let us also understand that while these people are terrorizing us, we should look at their lives and learn from them, because their lives are evidence of the mistakes of the society.

Terrorism in a country is the proof of a country’s incapability and level of care of its people. What do I mean by this? Every terrorist we see presently is either an abused child, or a less privileged child… but the less privileged is usually the case. Now this is not to say that these children were once orphans, but it is saying that these children lacked something that they are now trying to get by force.

The common traits in these terrorist are low self esteem, bitterness and character defect. A confident man has no business killing others, because he is sure that other people’s downfall doesn’t make him successful – at least not always.

Every terrorist we see is battling with this disease of low self esteem, and because the society believes that all man has to be for himself, we don’t see this as a problem. Low self esteem, which can also be seen as inferiority complex is the worst thing that can happen to any man. It runs and ruins your life, because everything you do will be determined by the people around you, or the place you find yourself. You’ll be the most inconsistent human in the world and you won’t focus on pleasing yourself, rather you’ll live life trying to either please others or be like others, and that is what is killing us today.

These people are in our society. They have been in our society. We had the opportunity to straighten them. To show them the love they deserve. But because we feel their problem isn’t our problem, we have now allowed them make their lives our problem… a problem we cannot hide away from. A father who does not take care of his child’s need today will face the dance tomorrow… he cannot escape it, no matter how far he runs to.

We see our neighbour’s children misbehaving, and something tells us that they are not ours, so for that reason we ignore and let them be. We forget that letting them be, because they’re not ours, will still come back to haunt us when they become the society’s problem.
Every broken child becomes a society’s problem tomorrow if they are not mended as children. It is far better to correct a child than to mend an adult. Every terrorist has a story of how they hate the society either because a part of that society has mocked them, put them amongst minority, made them invisible, or abuse them.

So what is terrorism for them?
It is a defensive mechanism. It is them having that thrill of being powerful with a weapon of mass destruction. It is them getting back at the people that mocked them, abused them, segregated them from the crowd, made them invisible, bullied and dominated them. And because we fail to learn from this, we suffer for it. The society refuses to see this as their fault, rather they keep making the same mistake, producing more terrorists.

The truth is, the leaders of these terrorist group mobilise the weak people, encourage them and help them realize how strong they actually are, therefore using this to attack the people.
A child, whose father always considers him to be nothing, will run towards the first person that tells him how great he is. He will forever be indebted to that one person who saw the light in him, where society saw nothing but darkness.

The leader of this terrorist group understand these people because he was once like them. The leader capitalizes on what they want, gives it to them and in return they give him their lives even without him asking for it. We have become so insensitive with humans that we are ready to cast them out, call our children names, forgetting that the words of our mouth that is meant to make them the leaders of tomorrow can also make them killers of tomorrow.

A child who isn’t like other children should not be treated differently. The issue of terrorism in relating to character defect can be seen in the recently acclaimed TV series, EMPIRE. Watching that show made me realize that the problem of terrorism we face today is as a result of our carelessness with bringing up our children. It’s our lack of insensitivity. Luscious Lyon was a great man who is also greedy and ready to kill anyone that comes between him and what he wants… EMPIRE.

Luscious Lyon is our today’s society, it takes from you and refuses to give you what you deserve leaving people bitter and ready to do anything to bring him down. Almost everyone in that show is his terrorist; some praying he dies, while some attack him aiming for his downfall. These terrorists have different scores to settle with him; ranging from his ungrateful attitude to parental method that has done more harm than good – with him rearing broken and confused men.

But let us also try to see something, what kind of parental method was he taught with? None, we can account of. Which one did he see? Obviously worse than his; his father had none of what he has. What kind of attitude does he have? One gotten from the street – filled with mistrust and killings. So even when he wasn’t trying to, he was pitting his children against themselves, promising them what he wasn’t willing to give them, so that they can give all they’ve got. Luscious Lyon might be a devil, but he was the devil the society created; and he as a member of the society is creating his. They will create theirs and that way the cycle will continue.

Every terrorist is a broken man who tries to mend himself through dominating others and the urge to be a god, that can do anything whenever and wherever he wants.

They have issues with their esteem and they search for approval from people they respect the most. They are bitter because they have been wronged one way or the other.

It is the duty of the society, which happens to be every one of us, to ensure that our children feel loved. That they are not bullied and they are confident in themselves no matter how small they are (either they’re your children or not).

I know we think this is such a mighty task, but trust me it isn’t. Tackling terrorism isn’t by fighting them all the time, sometimes we have to show them that we love them. Love is the best arm we need. We have children who are around us battling with one thing or the other and bottling them inside, how about we talk to them? Make them feel loved.

Those children battling with esteem issues, how about you make it your job to make them feel confident in themselves band their abilities. For those feeling bitter, how about making it a duty to be a listening ear for them to pour those concerns and bitterness into? Because stopping terrorism is not just for the government.
Let our mind, hands and heart reach out to our children because reaching out to them is reaching out to the future.

Photo Credit: Dreamstime

My name is Linda Orajekwe, a graduate of English Language and literary studies, Lagos State University. I love reading, writing and talking. I am a proud African naturalista who believes that Africans can only be great when we learn to embrace our rich resources from books, food to culture.


  1. Dr.N

    January 10, 2016 at 5:39 pm

    I agree with you so much, I can’t even shout. We cant just wait for govt we have to take an interest in others. Imagine if every estate in Lagos adopted a slum close to it. We could clean out the filth, get the inhabitants employed in horticulture, security, e.t.c and teach them to maintain d infrastructure.
    Where will lassa fever thrive? In d rats that populate our gutters
    As for terrorism, if we had taken an interest in educating d vulnerable, they may have been unavailable to be brainwashed by extremists.

  2. tiana

    January 10, 2016 at 7:30 pm

    at the same time you have to understand that some people are just bad people. It doesn’t matter how bad my life is – i will not take another persons life. Some have have everything in life but still chose to be bad. Plenty of terrorist come from good home but just because they want to prove a point – fighting for a cause or whatever. do not assume all terrorist come from the slum -its a slight insult to people who actually reside in those slums but are hardworking people. its a combination of individual responsibility and society.

  3. fleur

    January 10, 2016 at 8:19 pm

    Linda, thank you girl!!!!!. Terrorism is the reaction of the terrorized to the actions of a perceived or known terrorist, in this case the latter is society. We have spent valuable time subconsciously and sometimes overtly terrorizing workers, laborers, the poor, the less privileged that a few have found the way to overcome through a return match that is different in tactics because the ways of the oppressor are out of reach until the terrorism plan is successful. E.g. ISIS eventually owned a portion of iraqs wealth and did not get to it through a democratic process. Unfortunately we all suffer and it usually takes a journey to a point of no return in our humanity to become a terrorist, which is why a model of prevention is the only sustainable way forward. No country or band of nations would ever be able to successfully rally the number of ground troops required to suppress the type of terrorism we are faced with using traditional combat methods because the recruitment population for terrorism is every person globally who is suffering hopelessness and abject impoverishment because of poor governance, cheating and lack of concern for the poor. That is at least 70% of the world’s population that has the potential to “switch over”, and are just waiting for a recruiter to show up at the right low moment. Let’s start the end of terrorism now by starting to value our neighbors equally today.

  4. Chrisyinks

    January 10, 2016 at 9:09 pm

    Too long, I feel you could have expressed your point in fewer words.

    Well, to the gist of your article, I share similar sentiments. However, I strongly feel much of the ‘terrorism’ we see in our immediate society today is a failure of the government. Much often than not, we hear people and opinion leaders encourage individuals to take up responsibilities that is in the purview of the government, but there’s only so much one person or a group of persons can do. Economies of scale dictates that government would have a higher impact in creating a mutually beneficial society for all if she put in place the necessary infrastructure, ensured quality education is available at reasonable prices, created jobs for the unemployed, …….

  5. marcel

    January 10, 2016 at 9:27 pm

    Thank you for this piece. We all should contribute in making the world peaceful through our ‘little kindness’

  6. Somebody

    January 10, 2016 at 10:57 pm

    All this to say what Linda?

    Absolutely nothing?

    If you can’t do a job well, then don’t do it at all. I’m talking about talking round and round in circles without addressing the elephant in the room i.e

    1) An overwhelming percentage, actually almost 100% of those actively engaged in ‘terrorism’ today, as opposed to any old garden variety criminal activity which doesn’t try to justify or disguise it’s antecedents and aims, share one creed.
    2) That this creed preaches the most nihilistic and anti social practise of any faith out there.
    3) That this creed discourages societies and populaces in its thrall to develop their human potential both male and female in favour of extracting unquestioning obedience (submission) from them, or live explicitly as their conscience tells them without fear of persecution.

    Need I go on?

    Unless you are trying to redefine all acts of criminality as ‘terrorism’, which I doubt even you would be green enough to try to do then your write up is a misdirected missive, and a product of an incoherent thought process.

    Go ask the Germans how this line of thinking is working for them.

  7. TheRealist

    January 10, 2016 at 11:29 pm

    Abeg, some people are just purely evil.

  8. Luchi

    January 11, 2016 at 8:58 pm

    Beautiful write up and so true, am glad this topic was brought to this platform
    Thumbs up Linda, excellent job.
    Terrorism is a threat to us all and we must and need to fight back, we have lost enough families, let’s stop terrorism.

  9. Banj

    January 31, 2016 at 1:19 pm

    Brilliant read…Love your point of view

  10. Kingsley Okeke

    January 31, 2016 at 6:42 pm

    This is an issue that needs more light to be shed on it, and its a good thing that someone just did. It has been something that has been treated lightly and needs more emphasis to be laid on it. Thank you Linda for this article but it still doesn’t end on this platform, we have to be readily alert and conscious about situations around us, in other for us to be sensitive to issues like this and ensure that the detriments caused by terrorism is drastically dwindled. We know the government has a huge part to play also, but we need to also try as much as we can as citizens to play the part that we can in other to ensure that our lives and that of others are secured while waiting on them.

  11. Temmytee

    January 31, 2016 at 6:54 pm

    That was a great one Linda, I pray 4 God intervention to stop this so call Terrorism. More grease to ur elbow

  12. Tomi

    January 31, 2016 at 7:24 pm

    whoa! i totally agree with you, dear, Most of who we are is as a result of wat we faced and struggled to deal with while growing up. Growing up wasnt so pleasant for me. I know i had such a low self esteem, dat i even scared my classmates while in primary school lying that i was a ……., cos i could read their actions or behavioural responses and tell them what they were thinking. i remember one of my school teachers in Primary 4 or 5,cant remember now, called me confronting me if trully i was a ………. and prayed, casting out any evil spirit in me. I felt like a god seeing the other kids scared of me, but it was just a cover up of my low esteem. In church, as a little girl, my only friend was my elder sis, people said words like, my sis was more pretty than i was, i was kind of a shadow of my sister, i couldnt do anything without being ridicled or not even noticed, so i always chose to copy anything my sis did, she was kind of my champion. in school, i tried to put in my best to get good grades so i could at least have friends in my class, to come meet me to teach them. it was like i was fighting for recognition all thru my early days growing up. i remember i changed my scores one day to impress my classmates and my parent. In Secondary school, i was almost turning intoa tom-boy, Had a whole lot of bad intentions but for the mercies of God in my life. i would have been a terrorist as Linda rightly described. Ever since i realized and understood Who I am in Christ Jesus, i have always looked out for kids in whom i recognize similar traits in and give my best in helping to experience true love and care. God indeed is Love. LOVE is the key to uprooting terrorism in our society . Thanks Linda for this piece. May God help us all to fight terrorism in our Land. Amen.

    • Linda Orajekwe

      January 31, 2016 at 8:48 pm

      Amen Tomi!! Thank you so much for your contribution, and thank God for seeing you through the early crises… And I pray that you find children like you and change the way they see themselves and things around them, because we’re all great in our own ways, and once you start accepting that, you’ll be amazed at the great things you can do.

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