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BN TV: Watch Episode 10 of SUPERSTORY: The Other Side

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In case you missed it, BN TV caught up on Episode 1 to 9 of Superstory: The Other Side. Now Episode 10 of the Wale Adenuga Productions show is here!

In this episode,

Shade consoled Asabe and then she shared the story of a woman who died from similar domestic violence. Asabe thanked Shade for coming to her aid. Bala visited Adesuwa. He was surprised that she asked him to leave. Bala cautioned Asabe never to associate with any of their neighbours especially Shade whom he tagged a prostitute. Asabe was excited when she saw Laraba speaking on TV about on Gender Equality. Asabe went to the venue of the interview to see Laraba. Bala questioned her returning home late. She explained that she went for Laraba’s awareness programme. This got Bala infuriated. He attempted to hit her again but she stopped him, threatening to leave the marriage for good. What next?

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