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BN TV Catchup! Watch Episode 1 to 9 of SuperStory – “The Other Side”

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We are excited to be adding SuperStory – “The Other Side” to BN‘s lineup. The Wale Adenuga Production TV series is presently on Episode 9. After this catchup, we will feature episodes each week.

Episode 1
Bala got promoted to the post of Head Teacher in the school he works. He called his wife; Asabe to inform her and also got the good news about her being promoted in her office as well. Asabe invited him to a party her bosses had organized for her. Bala stopped by Asabe’s celebration location and was immediately intimidated by the posh setting. As the ceremony for his wife went on he was paranoid as to the party guests’ perception of him and he left angrily. At home, he accused Asabe of inviting him over to humiliate him. He even accused her of having an affair with her boss. During a political campaign, two aspirants, Madam Laraba and Mallam Danladi made a public speech. Afterwards, the arrogant Danladi offered to pay Laraba off but she objected immediately, vowing not to give up on the race.

Episode 2
Asabe was appointed to represent her company at a conference in Texas (U.S.A). Bala was angry because the children waited till Asabe returned before talking about a payment for a school excursion. As a result, he refused to give his approval. Asabe informed Bala about the impromptu official assignment, and he asked her to do whatever she liked! Laraba became upset after watching Danladi’s TV interview. Her husband Danjuma advised her never to let the opponent’s speech and antics weigh her down but rather focus on her ambition. As Laraba addressed the women, few of them objected her vision because Danladi had given them food items. However, a few others stayed back to encourage her. While Asabe was out of town, Bala started showing interest in Adesuwa (a youth corper) in his school. More to come? Definitely.

Episode 3
On Asabe’s arrival, Bala quickly hid the gift he intended to give Adesuwa. Bala thanked Laraba for dropping his wife at home, while she asked for his support in her political ambition. While playing with the kids, Asabe saw the gift and thanked Bala who pretended he got it for her. To keep his promises to Adesuwa, he stole and gave her what Asabe had gotten for his mother. Adesuwa appreciated it and they went out for lunch. At the restaurant, Bala was shocked to see Nabilah (Asabe’s sister) wearing the jacket he had ‘given’ his wife. Asabe visited her mother in-law and was surprised that she hadn’t received the things she got for her. Bala felt humiliated; concluding that Asabe had given out the jacket because it was below her standards. During a campaign meeting, Laraba and some women were attacked. Bala was not happy that Asabe settled their utility bill. Don’t miss the next episode.

Episode 4
Adesuwa gave Bala her salary. Asabe was required by her organization to relocate to South Africa with her family. She was not excited about this news but shared it with Laraba who advised her to take the offer. Laraba also told her about how her own husband had always encouraged her in all she did. Asabe became fully aware of Bala being intimidated by her success. Bala promised to spend the weekend with Adesuwa.

Episode 5
Bala reported Asabe to his family members and as a result, her mother and his uncles visited the couple to resolve their differences. Poor Asabe was not given an opportunity to defend herself when they brought up the infidelity claims Bala made against her. Rather, her mother forced her to apologize while the in-laws suggested that she resign from her job to avoid further contact with her boss. Asabe apologized to Bala. The committee asked Laraba to present proof of her accusation towards Danladi. After Bala’s threat to end the marriage, Asabe tendered her resignation letter. Bala broke up with Adesuwa, but she responded by informing him about her pregnancy and he became very confused. It seemed the election didn’t go as planned! Find out in the next episode.

Episode 6

Episode 7

Laraba’s solicitor forged ahead with their court plans. Papa Obi cautioned Ada and Obi on their constant quarrels. Adesuwa paid Bala a surprise visit at home and met Asabe, but before the ladies could get too familiar, Bala dragged Adesuwa out of the house. When Asabe asked Bala about his guest, he denied knowing her and beat her mercilessly for accusing him of lying. He shared this with his friends. While Nabil stood his grounds against women battery, Audu totally supported Bala’s actions. Danladi told the media that Laraba lost the election as a result of being a woman. Bala moved his family to a new but smaller apartment. Asabe and the kids were not pleased about this. Challenging times for poor Asabe!

Episode 8
Asabe attended the tenants’ meeting scheduled by Papa Obi. Kate and Tina (Obi’s girlfriends) fought over Obi, while Ada advised the ladies, Tina insulted her but Kate found the advice useful. Asabe relayed the deliberations at the meeting to Bala. He became infuriated saying it was wrong of Asabe to have attended in his place. A heated argument ensued and Asabe revealed that she saw Adesuwa putting on the same wristwatch she had bought for Bala’s mother. Laraba was asked by the party members to withdraw the case against Danladi else face an indefinite suspension. On their way home from Obi’s video shoot, Kate and Tina were mistaken for prostitutes and arrested. Unable to reach Obi, Kate called Ada who came to their aid and bailed them out. She advised them to change their lifestyle. Audu complimented Bala for being the man of the house. Indeed!

Episode 9
Bala continued to avoid Adesuwa but was advised by Audu to fix things with her. In a quarrel about gender preference, Papa Obi chose Obi over Ada to be in charge of his property. He advised Ada to go reconcile with her husband. Laraba won the court case against Danladi. Danladi was embittered; threatening to beat up his party members. Laraba visited Asabe. While advising her on how to better her lot, Bala interrupted and labeled her a bad influence on his wife. Thus, he asked her to leave. Immediately Laraba left, Bala started abusing Asabe physically. Jumai (their daughter) ran out screaming for help. One of their neighbours, Shade came to Asabe’s rescue and stopped Bala from further beating his wife.

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