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Damilola Ogunrinde: Avoiding Pregnancy 101

Damilola Ogunrinde



dreamstime_s_55581142When I wrote an article on STIs a few weeks ago, some of my friends were upset. They did not want to be reminded of the dire consequences that arise from unprotected sex, yet they were surprised to learn of the increasing rate of STI’s and sexually transmitted cancers. {Click here if you missed it}

However, I am aware that many Nigerians  say they only have sex for procreation. I know that we are all Bible believing Christians, Qur’an reading Muslims and Chaste Agnostics. I know we all value abstinence and chastity. I have written this article so that we can share it to those in need of family planning advice.  Because let us face it, contraception is not just for those married couples who don’t want any more babies. It is also for the young who are not ready for children.

Abstinence is great, chastity is excellent, virgins abound in more numbers than I realised, but everyone still needs advice on contraception. Because virgins will not be virgins forever, and family planning is necessary especially with the current foreign exchange situation. I searched for the best ways to reduce unwanted pregnancies, and this is what I found.

I can not praise the inventor of condoms enough. When there is a raincoat available in the storm, why not use it? What happens when you don’t use a raincoat? You catch all kinds of things: pneumonia, catarrh, fever, wet clothes, ruined makeup, all sorts of orishirishi. Condoms have the added benefit of protecting from sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancies. Yes, they break, but that is where your backup plan comes in. Remember, no glove no love. This segment refers to male condoms mostly; female condoms are not so widely used. Even for the married couples, you may trust your partner, but does your partner trust their partner?
For use by men mostly. Success rate=  89%

The morning after pill
Trust scientists, I mean really. Someone woke up one morning and thought to himself, “why don’t I create an alternative to douching with vinegar, spraying spermicide and eating ten ata rodos?” Enter the morning after pill; one tablet is taken within 72 hours of unprotected sex, and you are ready to go. Beware; if you get sick after taking the pill speak to your doctor or pharmacist. Make sure you get tested, you don’t know what ‘brother’ was carrying in secret the night before. The problem with this is that it can only be used after the fact and is not a reliable protection mechanism.
For use by women only. Success rate= 89%

The contraceptive pill
There are too many of this particular variety. Pharmaceutical companies have mixed a combination of hormones to come up with the one that best suits any given female, depending on her weight, smoking status, and health history. Routinely oestrogen, progesterone or a combination of the two. These have been tried and tested, but come with some added side effects, but what doesn’t? If you are superwoman and would remember to take your pill every day, even on days without a happy ending, then this is for you. If you are forgetful, please move to the next chapter.
For use by women only. Success rate = 92-97%

Intrauterine devices, implants, and depots 
These are termed long-acting reversible contraception, and to be fair, they do just that. They work, you don’t have to remember to take them in the morning, or keep them hidden in your wallet, because once they’re in, they stay there. The myth that using contraception will make you infertile is just that, a myth. This group of contraceptives is ideal for any sexually active woman with a busy lifestyle.
For use by women only. Success rate= 99.2 – 99.9%

Yes, I said it, if you are sure your family is complete, women can have their Fallopian tubes ligated, and men can have a vasectomy too. The female procedure in a bit more invasive, while men can walk into a clinic and have the cut in a matter of minutes. Sterilisation is a good choice for the discerning committed couple. Reversibility is an issue, though, so make sure you are ready for no more children.
For both Male and female use. Success rate = 99.5%

Success rate =100%. Compliance rate = dependent on kongi at any given time

There it is, a whistle-stop tour of the world’s most loved contraceptives. Most of them are for female use, does that say anything about choice in pregnancy? Notice how most of them protect from pregnancy but not sexually transmitted infections? That is where condoms come in. There are several other methods I have not listed today such as withdrawal, diaphragms, patches and vaginal rings. If you use any one of them, please share your experience below? Have you found easy access to contraceptives in your local pharmacy or clinic? Do you advocate the use of contraception? Do you believe family planning is for married couples only? Do you think abstinence is the only way to reduce the sexual disease havoc we have on our hands today?

Please leave a comment or two below.

Until next time. You know Dami loves to chat.

Facts and figures obtained from the American Sexual Health Association fact sheet

Photo Credit: Dreamstime

Damilola Ogunrinde is a lady in training who loves to write about anything and everything. Her passions are varied and range from reading Jane Austen to Parasailing on the pacific! When she isn't reading or hanging out with friends, she is in the kitchen baking something sweet!


  1. le coco

    May 31, 2016 at 4:35 pm

    at this point i am convinced that most of us know about the various contraceptive options…. MY ISSUE HOWEVER is with those of us who know.. yet choose to ignore.. i am not talking about those truly un-enlightened individuals in rural areas.. i am talking about grown men and women..with degrees and even masters , and well paying jobs who will open their mouth and say they dont ever use condoms because they r clean and everyone they hve slept with is clean.. LIKEEEE…. clean how? how do you know.. granted you dont sleep around.. but the few women/men you HAVE slept with have had ex’s boyfriends/girlfriends etc… the truth is you just done know..

    Thats how one toaster opened his mouth to say “finally when we become a couple, we will stop using condoms”.. LIKE HUH? … nobody needed to tell me to pick race..

    And please test for diseases with your partner before una marry oo.. abeg.. your toh-toh cannot start itching one week after marriage.. mbok… help urself and God will help u

    • Fabulicious

      May 31, 2016 at 5:44 pm

      I agree with you hundred percent..The worst are the married ones who do not use any form of contraceptive after they tell you they have “closed shop” and then when you spot them carrying belle,they will be the first to open their mouths and tell you that the innocent God given pregnancy is a mistake..Bros and Nne,how was it a mistake when una two don marry and are not on contraception? Probably, depending on withdrawal method and hoping it will save you both till she reaches menopause. Truth of the matter is that people need to be more aware.Because the difference 1 unplanned pregnancy can make in a home can be disastrous to a marriage and it really has nothing to do with love but pure common sense.
      Ps…Yes,I am married and this story is now becoming common.

    • Bodunade

      May 31, 2016 at 5:45 pm

      Ordinary Toaster is already chopping hahaha… Sie ba puo!

    • le coco

      May 31, 2016 at 6:31 pm

      abeg ooo aunty Bonudane.. nobody was chopping anytin.. shebi that was part of d shock…. i shld have cleared that up hehe

    • wawa

      June 1, 2016 at 10:03 am

      You are sleeping with a toaster?????!!!!!

  2. bodunade

    May 31, 2016 at 4:50 pm

    if you need them, I got crazy prophylactics…

    I’m sure condoms and postinor 2 can protect you from spirishua wife/husband hehehe

    • linda

      May 31, 2016 at 5:10 pm

      postinor 2? Do people use that as a regular contraceptive? But they shun long-term contraceptives like the patch and the IUDs? Wow wow wow I give Nigerian schools and society in general an F on sex education. Which is why our rape, unwanted pregancy and abortion rates are so high. All we’re taught is conform and learn Bible quotes, 0 application and context

    • Bodunade

      May 31, 2016 at 5:41 pm

      You went from 0 – 100 real quick, that was tongue in cheek nau. Please calm your tiddays and read again lol.

    • Mr. Egghead

      May 31, 2016 at 7:35 pm

      “calm your tiddays” lmao

    • "changing moniker"

      June 1, 2016 at 11:45 am

      Are you married?
      You’re so funny…..
      I’m just asking for my single friends 🙂

    • "changing moniker"

      June 1, 2016 at 11:45 am

      that’s for Bodunade o…not Mr. Egghead.

    • bodunade

      June 1, 2016 at 2:27 pm

      Be nice nau. Married?? Lol. No I’m not. But my Gf is a war room expert and she’s always here. hehehe

    • Yeyeperry

      June 1, 2016 at 2:28 pm

      Eeyah Mr. Egghead Pele.

  3. Ifeyinwa Mic

    May 31, 2016 at 6:08 pm

    douching with vinegar?

    • Damiloves

      June 1, 2016 at 12:15 pm

      You’d be surprised!

  4. le coco

    May 31, 2016 at 6:34 pm

    abeg ooo aunty Bonudane.. nobody was chopping anytin ooo.. hian. i am a mermaid in that regard abeg.. shebi that was part of d shock. i am a mermaid in that regard abeg … i shld have cleared that up hehe

    • Bodunade

      May 31, 2016 at 6:49 pm

      Put some respeck on the name. I’m an uncle. 😀

    • le coco

      May 31, 2016 at 7:25 pm

      sorry ooo uncle loool

  5. Babygirl

    May 31, 2016 at 7:08 pm

    Condom is not for everybody sha. Me and my now husband really struggled with it and he would lose his mojo during the process of putting it on. After 2 years of dating with no sex (we were teenagers), we got tested and went bareback. I got the patch and kept it moving.

    Not tested myself since that once but it worked for me.

    • Bodunade

      May 31, 2016 at 8:40 pm

      Yes. Some of us struggle with a Jimmy hat. Thank God for abstinence *lol*
      I thought bareback was a gay community Lingo, but what do I know??
      Good to get tested once in a while though.

    • Bodunade

      May 31, 2016 at 8:50 pm

      True story. Back in uni, one of my friends after making love without rain coat decided to get his partner Schweppes (hot one o). Because they believed hot Schweppes prevents conception.

    • Yeyeperry

      June 1, 2016 at 9:37 am

      One day like that, i sent someone to get emergency contraceptive (postinor 2) and the girl at the shop gives the person alabukun, andrews liver salt and postinor 1. I was like seriously? She even said to mix one with seven up.
      At the end of the day, in trying to cvover up on problem you open yourself to an even bigger one.

    • Iambeautiful

      June 1, 2016 at 5:09 pm

      hahahahhaha, heard about this before. Mum owns a mini mart and we used to have some regular customers buying Schweppes. I was shocked the day one said ‘it would help prevent pregnancy Immediately after Coitus. What wont we hear?

  6. Cynical

    May 31, 2016 at 8:54 pm

    ROTFL…..the beginning of this article was so funny. Nigerians ehn, yes o we are all Bible believing oh,our children come from immaculate conception,nobody is doing the do. This reminds me of one classmate who was always preaching about fornication and how all fornicators will go to hell,when bros was getting married,his wife was heavily pregnant. So pls o,as writer said,give article to your friend/neighbor in need ehn……but try and read also…… LMAO

  7. Niyoola

    May 31, 2016 at 9:13 pm

    I listened to a radio programme a couple of weeks ago, it was a health talk WRT HIV prevalence in subsaharan africa.
    He said the reason it’s so high is because we there are too many people in simultaneous relationships.

    E.g Drake is Married to Rihanna
    Drake has Nikky as a side chick. Nikky is a Banker who has a boyfy (Meek) but sleeps with Drake because he hits the right spot. She also sleeps with Chief Lasisi occasionally to ensure her target at the bank is on point.
    Her boyfy, Meek is shagging his 20-year old neighbour, Ciara. The babe is a juvie, but he caught her young and she is tripped by the little things he buys for her. He is also paying her fees at Uni. Ciara, on the other hand is dating a guy in her Uni, named Future. He is young and cool. Meek unknowingly bankrolls their fun adventures.

    Rihanna, obeying Okafor’s Law, is sleeping with her ex, Chris. She’s not moved, her husband is cheating she may as well do hers.
    Chris is engaged to Karueche. They are in a celibate relationship.

    You see how many people are in danger here? And these people dont use condoms with their knacking up and down. (and even if they do, there’s still the % failure rate).
    By the time Chris eventually has sex with Karueche on their wedding night, he’ll be bearing gifts that could be come from any of the people in that AfMag movie script up there.

    • Hadee

      May 31, 2016 at 10:46 pm

      Loool! So true! People need to learn to be faithful to their partners. This will reduce the spread of HIV and other diseases.

    • Damiloves

      June 1, 2016 at 11:57 am

      Yes this is an issue that must be dealt with

  8. Stephanie

    June 1, 2016 at 9:31 am

    My thing is…WHERE in this damn country can you get these options?? I’m sorry but Nigerian pharmacies only have one thing, condoms. Morning after pill does not count as a method, it’s called an emergency pill for a reason. I hv to order my pills from America everytime I run out. Ridiculous

  9. "changing moniker"

    June 1, 2016 at 11:50 am

    Please put names to these pills…..
    I don’t know the name of any contraceptive or emergency pill….
    Biko is it postinor 1 or 2? two commenters posted the different names and i’m a bit confused…
    Please answer me o…because my mum didn’t teach me any of these.

    • UGO

      June 1, 2016 at 12:51 pm

      See a gynaecologist or go to a family planning centre (it’s free) for proper contraceptives. Don’t rely on people’s opinion in matters like this. Body systems differ.

    • bodunade

      June 1, 2016 at 2:33 pm

      Postinor 1 is banned in nigeria. But use postinor 2 with caution, heard it’s carcinogenic . Always buy original, there is a number on the pack for verification. To avoid stories that touch.

  10. Tolu

    June 1, 2016 at 1:19 pm

    I was on the implant for roughly 7 years. I took it out last year due to irregular bleeding which turned out to be ovarian cyst.
    Now I was also glad to be rid of it to allow my body reset before I tied the knot. I have always practiced and preached safe sex and a lot of my friends chose contraceptives because of my advice.
    I now find myself in an unplanned relationship where we both want to continue to be celibate but are “struggling”, I had to take an after morning pill for the first time in my life on Saturday.

    We all know what to do, but in the HEAT of the moment the smartest people don’t use their brains anymore.

    • Ikido

      June 1, 2016 at 4:18 pm

      Yep….Conji has Bas*ard!!

    • Ikido

      June 1, 2016 at 4:20 pm

      *Conji nah Bas*ard

  11. Ivie

    June 2, 2016 at 10:56 am

    Combination 3 tablet is a contraceptive and cheap. Visit any pharmacy you will see it.

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