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Lola Akingbade: Stroller Fitness – A great way to Workout and Bond with your Baby!



A lot of new mothers find it hard working out while also caring for a baby. We tend to get wrapped up in caring for the new baby or our kids while forgetting to take care of ourselves. If we don’t feel great, we can’t provide the best care to our kids.

It’s important that we prioritise our personal care; so we can, not only better care for others, but also set a great example of health for them to follow.

Below is a video of a stroller workout and baby wearing routines with me and my baby. By doing this, we are able to care for our little ones while at the same time working out.

It is clearly the best of both worlds!

Watch the Video:

Items Used
Baby carrier or wrap: Lilli baby carrier
Stroller: Graco jogging stroller

Lola Akingbade is a certified Nutritionist and Weight Management Specialist, Fitness blogger, HuffingtonPost Contributor and Owner of Christsoldiergirl Fitness Blog ( She also holds a Doctor of Pharmacy degree. She has a passion for working out, staying fit and helping others achieve their goals of healthy lifestyles. She can be reached on Instagram (@christsoldiergirlfitness) and Facebook (lolah christsoldiergirl Akingbade).

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