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Mercy Ajisafe Slays as Host of Accelerate TV’s ‘Fashion Fix’ | Watch Episode 1



Mercy Ajisafe Accelerate TV Fashion Fix BellaNaijaCalling all fashion enthusiasts! Superstar media personality, Mercy Ajisafe is on a mission to help you get your wardrobe game on point, as she hosts Accelerate TV’s ‘Fashion Fix.’

In the debut episode of the show, Mercy is schooling the ladies on the best choice of outfit to wear for a first date.

Mercy totally slays in this episode.

Check on it:


  1. Shao

    July 22, 2016 at 7:20 am

    She’s very elegant and beautiful. Reminds me of Zana the mentor in project runway all stars.

  2. Robin Hood

    July 22, 2016 at 1:28 pm


  3. mide

    July 22, 2016 at 5:12 pm

    I stopped after an up close shot of that wig… sure I’ll let u help me, after you fix that head mop. Xoxo!

  4. Fair Effort.

    July 24, 2016 at 9:49 pm

    It’s nice but could be much better simply by doing away with 99.99% of the finger-clicking and pseudo-Tamar Braxton lite exaggerated mannerisms of the host who looked elegant in the first dress, is pretty and has a nice personality without all that distraction and rachet-ghetto fabulousness. The accent is also a tad much. Overdone.

    Also, the names. Is her name Mercy, as it is spelled on the screen, and as she pronounces it, or, is it Marcy, as her guest pronounced it all the time?

    Is her guest’s name, spelled Yummie, the guest’s supposed anglicised and ‘funkynised’ spelling of Yomi? If so, it should be pronounced Yomi, as even yummy (for food, and which sound the guests may have been going for) is pronounced yomi, not youmie, as the host kept saying.

    I don’t understand Nigerians who change the spellings of their names to, frankly, ridiculous contraptions, all perhaps in an effort to anglicize, modernise, render cool, such names, or, to their thinking, better convey the pronounciation of their names to the western world. Why would anyone change beautiful names like Bola to Bawler/Borlah; Olufunlola to Olufunlawler; Ifeoma to Ipheoma; Ify to Iphy; Remi to Remmy; Uche to Uchay or Utchay; Dare to Darey; Sade to Shardei, etc. If all the world went to such extremes, where would all the uniqueness and beauty and richness in all the various cultures and individual persons be to be seen and appreciated? Would we know of Japanese names, Italian, Hebrew, Swahili, South African, Hawaiian, Polynesian, Maori, French German, Zulu, etc names and all their varied spellings? Would Mandarin and Cantonese and writing in the Chinese alphabet still exist? Would Hebrew? Would Yoruba? Sameness is not necessary. Sameness is boring. Sameness is dull. Copying marks the copier, in such instances, as inferior. There is beauty in uniqueness, in unique heritage and ethnicity; NOT in making one’s self a study in caricature.

    The necessary ingredients are there for this show. All that’s needed is just to separate the wheat from the chaff and do away with the chaff.

    And, yes; I’m sorry but the wig is a no.

    • Mo

      July 28, 2016 at 6:11 pm

      Jesu Aunty, c essay on top show. I loved o, I think Mercy did a great job, although im biased becos I’ve loved Omo London since My Big Nigerian wedding, i’ve been followin her since and I think she’s beautiful, great at her job and very intelligent. Not everyone is Yoruba, the stylist babe is from Edo, and from what I’ve seen and read Im pretty sure they born Mercy for jand. Not everyone dey fake their fone.

      Good effort, looking forward to seeing more.

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