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BN TV: Taiwo Okunoren of Okunoren Twins speaks on Redefining Male Fashion in Nigeria on a New Episode of Conversations with Labo

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On the final episode of Season 1 of Conversations with Labo, Labo Daniel interviews the Creative Director of Okunoren Twins, one of the leading bespoke menswear labels in Nigeria, Taiwo Okunoren. Here’s what Labo said;

This episode was particularly emotional for me, because I had personally seen the Okunoren Twins grow from their parent’s boys quarters, sewing trousers for me at N3,000 to become a global brand with a state of the art flagship store and clients all over the world like Sheikhs and British military officers.

They don’t thrive on controversy, don’t do red carpets and hardly ever participate in fashion shows. Matter of fact, several people don’t know the faces behind the brand. Taiwo shared the strategy they adopted and how they have remained market leaders after so many years

Taiwo also talked on their relationship with competition and the future of the Okunoren twins brand.

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