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BN TV: From Plunge to Balconette – 6 Bras Every Girl Needs by Chanel Ambrose



In this video, Chanel Ambrose is sharing 6 different bras that every girl needs, especially plus size girls. She talks about the composition of the bra – from the back to the cup and even the straps.

Chanel also tells us the names of these different styles like the plunge bra, a full cup bra, a balconette bra and others.

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  1. I love bras!!!

    November 21, 2016 at 6:32 pm

    I love balconnette bras! It makes my breath look quite presentable under clothes. I can never do plunge bras because I always always tug at it to ensure that my boobs won’t spill over. Full bras aren’t sexy one bit. I hardly wear revealing clothes so a strapless bra doesn’t feature in my wardrobe.

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