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BN TV: Guess the Celebrity Tweet with KaySwitch on Episode 3 of Shine’s Mischief Show




Shine’s Mischief Show is a fun, crazy and mischievous show with your host, OAP Shine Begho that features various celebrities like musicians, DJ’s and TV hosts, CEOs of media empires and the list goes on. This second episode features KaySwitch. Here’s what Shine had to say;

Watch Kayswitch tell us who his friends in the industry are and how he no longer gets pissed when people forget his name and just call his Dbanj brother lol. Ok so our challenge was called ‘WHO TWEETED WHAT’ so find out who guessed the right celebrity tweet. Does KaySwitch know that special ingredient you find in cocktails? Watch to find out, dont forget you can win amazing gifts from Shine and KaySwitch.

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