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Airtel Touching Lives is Back with Season 3! WATCH Episodes 1 & 2 – “A Fire Tragedy” and “Rising From Abuse”



Airtel Touching Lives is back with Season 3.

Airtel Touching Lives is an inspiring CSR initiative that seeks to offer practical relief, succour, hope, opportunities and credible platforms to liberate and empower the underprivileged, disadvantaged and hard to reach persons in our society. The activities of Airtel Touching Lives are recorded and produced for national television with a view to promoting the spirit of giving, self-sacrifice, and love among Nigerians.

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Episode 1

In episode 1 of season 3, they share the sad story of a fire tragedy.

Up until October last year, the Aina family was flourishing. Olusegun Aina worked as a carpenter providing for his wife and 4 children, including their 3-year-old twins.  But all that changed in an instant when tragedy struck their home in the Magoro community of Ogun State.

On Tuesday 11 October 2016 the Aina family from Ogun State suffered more tragedy than any one family should experience.  An explosion inside their house caused by spilled fuel from the generator engulfed their home in flames.  Mr and Mrs Aina tried their best to save their 4 children, but the smoke and heat were too much and their twins perished in the fire.

The family was rushed to the hospital and was treated for 3rd-degree burns.  Due to the severity of his burn wounds, the eldest boy, Iyanu (8) succumbed to his injuries a week later.  Only young Korede (6) survived, together with his mother and father.

They have mounting hospital bills, and no home to go back to.  All of Mr Aina’s tools he uses as a carpenter have been destroyed.

Watch below.

Episode 2

Destiny Adejo, from Lokoja in Kogi state, is a survivor.  She was sexually molested as a young girl and was later physically abused by her husband.  She decided to use her experience to help others who have suffered the same abuse.  3 years ago she opened an NGO called Child Rights Brigade.  This sanctuary for abused and molested children has so far helped 10 destitute kids.

One of Destiny’s success stories is Esther Aniagwu.  Esther was destitute when Destiny found her begging at a market.  Through physiological counselling and vocational training at the NGO, Esther has since graduated from high school and is making money working part-time as a barber.

Destiny’s NGO is funded by her soap and shampoo business.  With limited resources and cash flow, she is living month to month, never certain if she can support the vulnerable children she is looking after.

Watch below.

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