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Cisi Eze: And Naiveté Said, “Give Us Biafra”

Cisi Eze



Once upon a time, a man married a rich woman. At first, they were happy, but as the years rolled by, she grew weary of the union. He was lording over her, even though she was the breadwinner.

As no one loves oppression, she protested. “I want to go back to my people!”

Her husband threw back his head as maniacal, mirthless laughter rumbled in his chest. When he was sated, he bellowed at her, “You are going nowhere! You are my wife and so you will remain.”

One day, she planned to run away, but her husband caught winds of her plans. He captured her, locked her in a cell, and beat her daily. Eventually, he beat fear into her and that fear dissolved the strong, crystalline notion that she could run away, free herself, from him.

There are days the memory of her trying to escape seems so vague, so far away, that when she reaches out her hands to touch it, it runs farther away from her, inch by inch, and she gives up. Coming to terms with the fact that she has forgotten an incident that should have felt so real, is a tough task. To soothe herself, and to reassure herself she is sane, she convinces herself that her act of trying to leave was all in her mind, something she had imagined. She must have played with the thought so much that she began to think her fantasy had miraculously materialised into reality.

At other times, she remembers! And when this happens, she scurries about in the house to pick her clothes and other things she owns. The ones she would not miss, she leaves behind. When she has assembled her clothes in one pile, when she is ready to put her clothes in the bag, Fear barges in on her. He pushes her violently, meanly – almost with a vengeance, to the bed. How dare she forget all that happened in the past, he says.

She trudges around the house with the heavy weight of fear strapped to her back. She has decided to stay, not because she loves him. She might not be scared of him. She only stays for peace. But how long would she stay for peace?


Lately, some people have been talking about how they want Biafra. Some people believe Biafra is the panacea to all the problems of Nigeria. How cute!

They have failed to accept, or maybe they are yet to realise, that the problem of Nigeria is Nigerians. Biafra would be made up of Nigerians; ergo, Biafra would suffer the same problems, if not worse problems, Nigeria endures.

I agree the concept of “One Nigeria” is a scam because of the disturbing level of ethno-religiosity we face here. Guess what! Some Igbo people do not like other Igbo people. Biafra would be divided, too.

Biafra is an amalgam of the South-East and South-South, but can we say the South-South is Igboland in the real sense? The South-South might end up suffering marginalisation, as “Core Ndi Igbo” would want the “lion share”.

This might lead to the top oil producing states (South-South) agitating for their own country. In the long run, Biafra might be like Nigeria – the “abusive husband” that refused to let his wife return to her people.

Some people are eager to have Biafra, but what lies await the moment we get Biafra? Good road network? Can Biafra feed itself in the first year? How many Igbo people are ready to delve into agriculture? Would we be ready to mine coal and thereby diversify our economy?

Are we going to have strong laws that would prevent the high rate of corruption? What crop of leaders are we going to have there? We should consider these few things before craving Biafra.

The only way forward is to move forward. It is time to embrace our diversity, and see it as our strength. Everyone can contribute in different capacities. Nigeria is blessed with human resources, but as it looks, we are not fully utilising our potentials as a people.

Other measures to take include implementing anti-corruption laws, constant electricity supply to encourage small businesses and entrepreneurs, banning importation of most goods and increasing local production of most goods, most importantly, we should drop hypocrisy.

Hypocrisy is the only reason we move to countries that condone and embrace the values we condemn. Hypocrisy is the reason we have a high level of religiosity, while being very corrupt. It is time to strengthen our legal system, work on our values, and put strong institutions in place.

We should focus on how to fix ourselves as a nation – even if we had Biafra, minorities would feel oppressed. Besides, as I expressed earlier, there is a high chance we will face the same problem when we get Biafra. We have all it takes to make Nigeria a better place. All we need to do is work for it. We all have to start contributing to national growth in our own little way.

P.S. Some people want Biafra, but people from “their side” can’t marry people from “that other side”. Are Ndi Igbo even united?

P.P.S. South-South might refuse to go with South-East. I mean, they are not going to force SS, abi? In the event SE becomes Biafra, they would end up being landlocked.

P.P.P.S. Something says I should go’ an’ find Yoruba man to marry. I love Nigeria so much! I can’t let go of Nigerian jollof.

Photo Credit: Dreamstime | Scott Griessel

Cisi Eze is a Lagos-based freelance journalist, writer, comic artist, and graphics designer. She feels strongly about LGBT+ rights, feminism, gender issues, and mental health, and this is expressed through her works on Bella Naija and her blog – Shades of Cisi. Aside these, she has works on Western Post NG, Kalahari Review, Holaafrica, Mounting the Moon, Gender IT, Outcast Magazine, Rustin Times, 14: An Anthology of Queer Art Volume 1 and 2, and Sweet Deluge (Issue 2). Her first book, published by Tamarind Hill Press, UK, is titled “Of Women, Edges, and Parks”. Cisi’s art challenges existing societal norms.


  1. Grace

    May 31, 2017 at 2:03 pm

    Cisi while Biafra might not be the best option/route to take, I will advise that you keep quiet.

    This childish display of ignorance is painful.

    The history of the 1st civil war is still shrouded in lots of half-truths as every side has their own story. However, if the nation will be one, there is need for all to have a sense of belonging.

    The Biafra agitation is proof that a sense of belonging is lacking and that’s what ‘intellectual’ Nigerians should be talking about. How every geo-political zone can be made to feel like part of this great nation

    The points you raised are beer parlor arguments as really there is no serious proof; they are all speculations afterall, Anambra state has done well for itself.

    Biafra is more than a call for a new nation in my opinion, it is proof that a group of people do not feel like they belong in their own country.

    Cisi, your confident ignorance really puts me off, you need to learn, serenity, adaptability and good old common sense as well as wisdom cause you completely lack wisdom (the ability to string words together isn’t wisdom) if not my darling, life will be very difficult for you.

    • slice

      May 31, 2017 at 2:20 pm

      Cisi is right. Ss does not want Biafra. Igbos would oppress ss and I dare you to say you don’t believe that

    • Lovelyn

      May 31, 2017 at 2:31 pm


    • kwinny

      May 31, 2017 at 3:32 pm

      @Grace, oh please! Even your own write up (comment) is BS!

  2. Bowl

    May 31, 2017 at 2:35 pm

    Crisis pls shut up!You don’t have an identity!

    • Receive Sense

      May 31, 2017 at 3:18 pm

      Instead of you Bowl to express your opinion with dignity, you are here typing jargons. The blood shed during the first civil war was not enough abi? You people want more blood.. Kontinu!!!

  3. Asa

    May 31, 2017 at 2:39 pm

    Landlocked ke? This is what happens when people don’t do research but write for the sake of writing. One person now will read this thing and swallow it whole. Dear Cisi, do you know why there has been a clamour for a second Nigeri bridge by the Igbos for many years? Bingo! Because there is River Niger separating Onitsha from Asaba! Can ships sail on the Niger all the way to Onitsha banks? Yes they can, all that is necessary it that the River Niger be dredged. Landlocked my foot!

    • slice

      May 31, 2017 at 2:47 pm

      .P.S. South-South might refuse to go with South-East. I mean, they are not going to force SS, abi? In the event SE becomes Biafra, they would end up being landlocked.

      If that’s what you’re responding to, ss mainly means akwaibom crossover. If you create Biafra for igbos , what happens to akwaibom and crossriver. Will they want to go with the igbos or will the igbos attempt to force them as they did during the war. Getting killed by Nigerian army for something they care less about. Or have you not given them any thought while focusing on asaba and onitsha both of which are igbos of some sort

    • Receive Sense

      May 31, 2017 at 3:18 pm

      Asa truth is truth and the truth is bitter. The eastern region is landlocked!!

  4. Anonymous

    May 31, 2017 at 3:05 pm

    Ever since I have been hearing about Biafra, I have never seen the Igbo people accept any form of responsibility towards the war. They paint themselves like a Lilly white angel, who had no hand in the path to the war. Perhaps, if you read history, you will understand how the First Igbo coup set the path towards the war.

    Some historical facts

    The Igbo people were the first to carry out a failed coup on the night of Jan 15th,1966 under the leadership of Major Emmanuel Ifejuna, Major Chukuma Kaduna Nzeogwu, Major Christian Anuforo and other Igbo military officers. The Igbo coup spared every political and military personnel of south east origin. However, they made sure they terminated the lives of prominent personnel from the North and South west including the Prime Minister, Sir Tafawa Balewa, the Premier of the Western Region, Chief S.L. Akintola, the Premier of the Northern Region, Sir Ahmadu Bello.

    For weeks after these horrific events, the Igbo people openly rejoiced in the streets and market places situated in the north, displaying pictures of Saurdana’s mutilated body with Nzeogwu’s boot on his neck, loudly playing a famous and deeply offensive anti-northern song in which northerners were compared to goats and listening to it on their radios.

    On May 24, 1966, General Aguiyi-Ironsi, an Igbo military officer suspended the subsisting 1963 Republican Constitution and replaced it with series of decrees, most notable being the Unification Decree, which proclaimed Nigeria a unitary state, changed her name from Federal Republic of Nigeria, to Republic of Nigeria, reversed fiscal federalism. Ironically, it is the same ethnic group that is calling for return back to federalism.

    Only six months later, on July 29th 1966, General Aguiyi-Ironsi and no less than 300 Igbo army officers reaped the consequences of their actions and plot when they were all slaughtered in just one night during the northern officers revenge coup which was led by Lt. Colonel Murtala Mohammed.

    Between September 29th 1966 and the middle of October of that same year approximately 50,000 Igbo civilians were attacked and slaughtered in a series of horrendous pogroms in the north by violent northern mobs as a reprisal for the killing of the northern leaders, including Sir Ahmadu Bello, the Saurdana of Sokoto, by Major Nzeogwu, Major Ifejuna and other junior Igbo officers on the night of Jan 15th,1966.

    The Igbo people left the north and declared secession (BIAFRA). However, secession is not recognized under the Nigerian constitution. The Nigerian war against the Biafra people of the southeast could be termed as legal but may be not clearly moral, as it led to the death of multitudes (you can point me to a moral war in history). However, in war, one group comes out worse and unfortunately, it was the Biafrans. The so called Biafrans need to do a soul searching in order to accept how the Igbo led coup, the brazen statements and actions from their fellow ethnic men led to the disaster called Biafra. Biafra was only declared when the Igbo started reaping the fruit of their actions. To the true nature of Igbo people, they see themselves as a hammer and every other person and situation a nail, whatever that doesn’t bend after it’s struck, is never their responsibility but that of the unyielding component.

    Also, the Biafrans should research the actions the Eastern government took, when the Niger Delta people started complaining about Igbo domination in the old eastern region.

    • AceOfSpades

      May 31, 2017 at 4:07 pm

      Even though your story might have 50 shades of truth, I believe this because it comes with verifiable dates and names.

      You know this Biafra thing reminds of how cultism started. All cult groups were one until the first class students began to feel superior from second class upper and then gradually they started drifting apart and then different cult groups formed and they stopped being the study group and peer disciplinary committee or whatever they were and turned to something bloody and violent. This is the path Biafra is going because when you eventually get the country, people won’t want the Nnamdi guy anymore. They’d want someone else and power tussle has been, is and will continue to be the cause of war.

      All we need is love and tolerance but then too many strong headed fellows in Nigeria can’t make that happen.

    • A Real Nigerian

      May 31, 2017 at 4:29 pm

      Love you Anon. Wonderful comment,

    • Mymind

      May 31, 2017 at 4:40 pm

      Thank you, anonymous!

      You know, imagination is stronger than knowledge. Myth is more potent than history. Those who do not learn from an ugly history are doomed to repeat it.

    • dammy

      May 31, 2017 at 5:34 pm

      So on point with the statement below,

      “Also, the Biafrans should research the actions the Eastern government took, when the Niger Delta people started complaining about Igbo domination in the old eastern region.”

    • The Midnight Rambler

      May 31, 2017 at 5:49 pm

      Colonel Unegbe, then QuarterMaster-General of the Nigerian Army and an Igbo, was killed by the coupists because he had refused their orders to hand over to them the keys of the armoury. It is often claimed that this was an Igbo coup, yet this senior Igbo officer who, by his position would have been cardinal to the success of the Igbo coup, was not aware of what was taking place. Often people chose a skewered line of narrative for obvious reasons.

    • saide

      May 31, 2017 at 6:39 pm

      I love the way you equated the killings-some army heads who wanted power in the north equals some army heads + 50 ,000 igbos and any amount so chosen in the future.Tell me, those igbo civilians that were killed in the reprisal attacks and are still being killed,eh,do you think Ironyi informed them of the coup he wanted to carry out? Abi after Sukar Dimka disposed of muritala mohammed how many of mohammed’s kinsmen have killed their generation?
      It is this senseless and apalling support of mindless killing that is bringing about the briafran agitation.or Wouldnt you be afraid if you find out that your neighbour is ready to kill you at the slighest excuse? Please tell me your defense for the Oba saying Igbos should go and die.or the repeated butcherings by the herdsmen(ok,those ones are still after vexing for Ironsi).Ican understand the hausas,some of them were bathed in rivers of hatred during childbirth but someone tell me.
      Why do Yorubas hate Igbos so much?

    • Anonymous

      May 31, 2017 at 7:39 pm

      The Midnight Rambler

      He was only killed because the Igbo coup plotters needed weapons and he failed to hand over the keys of the armoury. Perharps, he was a loyal man who will not have betrayed the Nigerian army irrespective of ethnicity. Also, a Yoruba officer (Ademonega) was also part of the coup but that doesn’t change the fact that it was 99% led by Igbo officers.

      One dead Igbo man while killing other top military and political officers from other zones, in order to shift the power structure completely to the Igbos, does not invalidate the fact that it was in Igbo coup.

      If it was not an Igbo Coup, why did Orizu refused to swear in Zana Bukar Dipcharimma as the acting prime minister after Sir Tafawa Balewa had been murdered? One answer, to give enough time for Igbo Major-General J.T,U. Aguiyi-Ironsi to forcefully take power from the remnants of the old cabinet.

      Also, why did Zik, all of a sudden extend his holiday on the night of the coup?

    • Remember

      May 31, 2017 at 8:06 pm

      Of the 20 military officers that planned and executed the 1966 coup, there were 9 Igbos, 4 Yorubas and others comprising Hausa/Fulani, Ijaw … the list is on Wikipedia. Did you mention that the plan was to release Awolowo from prison and make him president? Did you state that during the first republic that there were many Igbos in the military and you couldn’t successfully carry out a coup without them being in the majority among the planners? Do you recall that Ironsi was the most senior in the military and that’s how he came to take power as the state was left rudderless after the coup? Because I see mentioned him as though he he knew something about the coup before execution.
      But let’s call it Igbo coup. No wahala. Igbos started it. They hate themselves (as the writer said) they are divided, blablabla … Abeg, is Nigeria united? Can Biafra be more divided than Nigeria already is? However divided Biafra becomes, if it happens, I’m sure nobody will get away with killing a woman (as it happened Kano) who merely asks a Muslim not to do ablution in front of her shop. A preacher who wakes up to give a sermon in the morning will not be killed just because she is a Christian.
      Moreover, the issue now is referendum. IPOB calls for referendum for self-determination which is an inalienable right guaranteed under the UN charter. Shey dem talk say Igbos are not united, give them that referendum and see how they will vote with all that disunity.
      I believe that one of the factors still delaying the referendum is the involvement of the West. If CNN airs a special report on this subject for just 2 months you’ll see Nigerians who will make a volteface and say ‘ … but it’s their right Naa, let them have a referendum’. Nigerians, we feel so inferior to the West like that.
      When some people like Cici talk or write what she just wrote all I do is laugh. Some of us are so idealistic they forget the real issues. Two groups of people are responsible for all our woes: (1) the Hausa/Fulani elite and (2) a few other politicians from other parts of the country they managed to admit to the fringes of the oligarchy; the rest are slaves. Some of them gathered at IBB’s home the other day. All they care about is the oil. Northen elite have never liked the Igbos, and it’s mutual. So when they want to stymie the emergence of Biafra it’s not out of love, never. It’s because they know that IF THE IGBOS SUCCEED, NIGER DELTA WILL BE OUT AS WELL, EITHER AS A PART OF BIAFRA OR AS AN INDEPENDENT STATE. AND THAT ALSO MEANS THE OIL WILL BE OUT OF REACH.
      You hear people say ‘there are other ways’. Which other ways? When these people perpetuate themselves in power and succeed themselves with their children? I’m for a restructuring of Nigeria but who is gonna do it. Has Buhari mentioned Jonathan’s national conference in any of his speeches. It’s obvious that if nothing revolutionary happens Nigeria will remain like this from generation to generation.
      Nationhood connotes brotherhood. Where is the brotherhood when your countryman is willing to kill you at the slightest provocation, or without being provoked. Can we recall how many people they killed in 2002 because Nigeria was going to host a beauty pageant? Or innocent people, including youth corpers, slaughtered in 2011 because Buhari lost an election. This is what people go through when they are slaves.
      It appears the only ethnic nationality willing to stop the slavery is Igbo. Some Southsoutherners will say they don’t want to be part of Biafra. Great. But don’t sobotage a fight against this perennial injustice. You may have your own republic thereafter. I believe the best thing that can happen to Southern Nigeria as a whole is restructuring of the country or a referendum like the one Ipob is calling for. Yes, Yorubas and Igbos hate themselves, but how many people have died as result of that hatred? After all the e-insults, who gets killed? Nobody. But Fulani herdsman will kill another Nigerian because of a cow and get away with it. How can a country and a government place more value on a COW than on a human life. This is probably worse than slavery. Jonathan was president president but he was frightened because he was not northern Muslim; Elrufai kept insulting as if Jonathan was a labourer he employed to mow his flowers. Osibanjo is acting president but still intimidated, they still went to London to get approvals the last time Buhari was on medical vacation.
      We need to wake up and resist this. This is Nonsense. You have a president who publicly declares that he will treat you unfairly because you gave him only 5% of your votes, and still goes to appoint his kinsmen into every key position. Is that how to run a country?
      This is not about the war. It’s about what’s happening after the war. Nnnenne said something in another post and I agree- An Igboman/Christian with a valid visa is safer in Ghana or the U.S than in Sokoto. And you tell me Nigeria is a great country, we are one, mtchewww.
      I’m not making light of the greatness of a ‘united’ Nigeria but let’s face it: there’s no big deal about a country where premium is placed on the life of a cow over that of a human being.

    • Anonymous

      May 31, 2017 at 8:10 pm


      Unfortunately, you don’t kill the leader or the religious symbol of the Northerners and expect them to think rationally. The coup instigators should have realized the impact on the multitudes of Igbo people living in the North. You should do some research on the first southern ethnic group to form an alliance with the north. When this alliance was formed, this ethnic group cornered all appointments belonging to the south. For example, if there were 10 political post or scholarships allocated to the south, this ethnic group will take 9 and give one to the others.

      Yorubas do not hate the Igbos. After the Igbo led coup killed our south west leaders, there was no reprisal attack against your people in the southwest. As a result of the war, educations institutions in the south east was destroyed, you need to find out where most Igbo people moved to for school. Till date, most of you have one family or friend in the south west, how many times have they been killed in an ethnic led riot. However, Igbo people (not all) even exhibit more hatred. Do you allow Yorubas to have shops in your main market the way we do? In rare cases where you give access to Yorubas, you ask your fellow Igbos not to patronize them in your dialect(a personal experience). If the southeast were the southwest, would you allow other ethnic groups to live and trade freely, the way the Yorubas have allowed you.

      You even go around by telling Yorubas that Lagos is a no mans land, why don’t you do the same in Kano, then you will understand the true meaning of hatred. In response to what you said about the Oba of Lagos, you need to stop holding on to the action of one Yoruba person till eternity, as it does not represent the mindset of over 40 million people. We all have had bad experiences from other tribes but we must be quick to forgive and move on. On a personal note, it was an Igbo friend of my ex Ghanian fiancee’s dad, that told him that Yorubas are terrible people. This led to her dad to refuse my union with his daughter. However, I do not go around with hatred for Igbos. In fact my best friend, Chima is from Anambra.

    • Remember

      May 31, 2017 at 11:49 pm

      BN please publish my first comment.
      @Anonymous why are you so obsessed with January 15 coup being an Igbo coup? Why all the emphasis on January coup and very little on the July counter coup? Did you just read a book on the civil war? Maybe you should include Ademoyega’s Why We Struck or Ben Gbulie’s Nigeria’s Five Majors. But if you’ve read them already please revisit them. You might just tweak that 99% you typed a little after reading them. And if the January coup was ‘99% Igbo led’ what would you call the July coup? 1000% what?
      IPOB may be about Biafra but it is not about Nigeria/Biafra civil war. It is much bigger than that. It is about being treated as a second class citizen in your country. It is about the sanctity of human life in the present day Nigeria. It is about having leaders who are unashamedly divisive, It’s about family and friends calling me before the 2015 general elections to come back home because they were sure muslims would start killing all Igbos and christians in the north if Buhari lost the election. Ponder on that for a moment; in a country I call my own. It is about acts of injustice that are too many I can’t list them here.
      I have experienced discrimination firsthand but I am not here to be pitied. it doesn’t break me. But I know Nigeria cannot remain the way it is and it will be the worst form of foolishness for me to presume it will change because I hope it will, or that it will change by seminars or fake promises from politicians.
      There is no article, seminar, lecture, etc that can make the Hausa/Fulani elite to stop seeing other Nigerians (especially the Igbos/christians) as conquered slaves and imnfidels that they must lord over. That’s why we should try other options like total restructuring or moves for referendum for self determination of the component units when they call for it.
      And people must realise that a call for a referendum is not a war chant. The fact that people are asking Igbos what would happen to their assets outside Igboland after secession is another proof of the hypocrisy, wickedness, injustice and lawlessness that pervades the country. Some of those who pose the question have assets outside Nigeria that are protected by laws even though they are not citizens of those countries.

    • Jade Edo babe

      June 1, 2017 at 5:19 am

      @Anon Thank you for enlightening us. One of the few contributions that elaborated on Biafra with points to think about. Igbos carry lies upon lies around just to fit their victim version. I’ve not read a thought provoking, logical historical facts from Igbo people about Biafra war except crying how Yorubas betrayed them, and how they died. War is a 50/50 chance of death and survival. I expected more from Chimamanda Adichie when she wrote about it. But as usual, very disappointing to see her fall into that same victim mentality.

      It makes no sense to instigate, start something and refuse to take any form of accountability and responsibility in the outcome. If Igbo people accept their contribution that led to the first disaster, it will help them plan better and be more focused ahead.

    • Of Mice and Men

      June 1, 2017 at 6:31 am

      Ignorance is no excuse for idiocy.
      1. Major Chukwuma KadunaNzeogwu(Delta Igbo)
      2. Major Adewale Ademoyega(Yoruba) author of “Why westruck”
      3. Capt. G. Adeleke(Yoruba)
      4. Maj. Ifeajuna(Igbo)
      5. Lt. Fola Oyewole(Yoruba)author of “The reluctant rebel”
      6. Lt. R. Egbiko(Esan)
      7. Lt. Tijani Katsina(Hausa/Fulani)
      8. Lt. O. Olafemiyan(Yoruba)
      9. Capt. Gibson Jalo(Bali)
      10. Capt. Swanton(Middle Belt)
      11. Lt. Hope Harris Eghagha(Urhobo)
      12. Lt. Dag Warribor(Ijaw)
      13. 2nd Lt. Saleh Dambo(Hausa)
      14. 2nd Lt. John Atom Kpera(Tiv).
      The above list is from Google and shows the names of those military officers that carried out the Jan,1966 coup d’etat.
      A closer observation would definitely tell you it was a pan Nigerian outing,not just for or from Igbos.

    • slice

      June 1, 2017 at 12:09 pm

      The only problem I see is you thinking igbos did this. No it was a select few and the leader even ran and left Innocents to die

    • Jayne Seymour

      June 2, 2017 at 4:21 pm

      Please who are you? I need to give you a hug. Bless you darling for expressing my thoughts. In a war, there must be victors and the vanquished. The latter most times are the ill prepared. Biafra was a selfish act of the Igbo military at the time. They couldn’t have expected Nigeria to fold her arms and watch?

    • Read in between lines

      June 16, 2017 at 10:21 pm

      go n read that article properly n provide the complete 14 names of the people that carried the coup n let’s finish the analysis

  5. 3ples

    May 31, 2017 at 4:18 pm

    “Hypocrisy is the only reason we move to countries that condone and embrace the values we condemn. Hypocrisy is the reason we have a high level of religiosity, while being very corrupt.”… This here is the gospel!!!! And they will never accept it as truth cos of the same hypocrisy being mentioned here….

  6. Ada

    May 31, 2017 at 4:43 pm

    Let’s not talk about the people who resort to insults when they want to state a case for Biafra. I know it’s politics but you greatly undermine your case when you resort to insults instead of being civil and stating a case for Biafra. It’s really unnerving.

  7. mama zee

    May 31, 2017 at 5:27 pm

    i love Nigeria but i equally like the idea of Biafra but like i said the idea. i am ibo and i know the fault of the ibo’s is everyone wants to rule ”igbo enwe eze” so i fear there will be a constant tussle for power. i love my people but who and who wants to join the Biafran race? are we all in it together to grow it or bring it to ruins………

  8. ignoranceisadisease

    May 31, 2017 at 5:31 pm

    Ignorance is really really the worst disease.
    sorry! Ndo!.

  9. saide

    May 31, 2017 at 6:47 pm

    @ Cisi It is obvious you never lost any loved one to the civil war or to the senseless killings in the north.Have you ever seen children ,crying for mummies and daddies who would never heed their cries again? Ever opened up your house to these kids and watch them have nightmares & grow overnight? No you havent.If you had,I am sure you might have had more respect for the dead.

    • Anonymous

      May 31, 2017 at 7:40 pm

      Loss of life is quite unfortunate and painful. However, you Igbos fail to realize that people fighting on the Nigerian side also lost their lives through your hands. Also, the Biafran army left trail of death when they entered Owo, Ondo State.

  10. chi

    May 31, 2017 at 7:03 pm

    At Least Five Countries Will Come Into Existence If Nigeria Is Divided
    1. Nigeria or Uthman Danfodio Republic : This will consist of people from the North-West and North East2.Oduduwa Republic : This will consist of people from the South-West3. Middle belt Republic : This will consist of people from North Central… Their reason for wanting to have their own Country will be because they can’t afford to be slaves orsecond class citizens to the people of Nigeria4. Biafra : This will consist of people from the South- East alone although they will want to go with their South-South brothers but the South-South will be too clever to avoid the same fate that happened to the Igbos with regards to their being marginalized after the civil war…5. Niger Delta Republic or Adaka Boro Republic : This will consist of people from the South- South … Although many of thesepeople here are sympathetic to the Biafran Struggle, they will prefer to stay alone at least to avoid unnecessary war with their South- Eastern Counterparts especially when the battle for Supremacy arises in Politics and Governance….

  11. No Headaches Please

    May 31, 2017 at 8:08 pm

    *looks askance

    Where is Darius?

    I expect his comments to always be 1st on posts like these?

    After all on Nkem’s last post, he did give a long list of very intelligent topics that should be on BN (according to him) rather than what presently obtains.

    Let me see if I can fish him out of the Waxing Your Nether Regions post so we can be blessed again with some of his um earth shaking wisdom here.


  12. Gloria

    May 31, 2017 at 8:27 pm

    Don’t act like some kind of PHD professor in Biafra. What do you know about igbos not getting along. That is in your head. Which nation gets along. I live in the uk and 52% voted to leave EU and others disagree, why didn’t they all agree on one thing. The only thing they agree on is not to maginalise there own people, which nigerias have continuously subjected igbos. we are 2nd class citizens in our own country. Igbos are the only tribe that were deported from another Nigerian state. I don’t know your state of origin but I suggest that you keep your month shut. We are educated people not dumb.

  13. Tracy Edwards

    May 31, 2017 at 9:09 pm

    God bless Nigeria as a Nation

  14. Arthurmc4

    May 31, 2017 at 10:54 pm

    listen good! if u don’t have a topic don’t ever paste ur folly on the blog or this platform again in this ur life time. l know that when God’s anger finally cover ur brothers – paedophiles, rapists, children molesters, dankuturus & name them——- u Cisi shall surely partake in it. a portion overflowing.

  15. Arthurmc4

    May 31, 2017 at 10:58 pm

    l mean that fools condemning God’s kingdom on earth – Biafra!!! land of the rising Sun. not u my dearest.

  16. Life is good

    May 31, 2017 at 11:17 pm

    You don’t have to insult the author. You should have simply stated your view in a civilized manner and move on.
    Bellanaija really needs to pay attention to comments that constitutes as bullying.

  17. Arthurmc4

    June 1, 2017 at 12:05 am

    An eye witness narrates a scene to me & it goes like this – a young lady went to the near by Forrest to fetch fire woods in this part of the contraption called zoological rep. of nigeria b4. Biafra land presently as l text this & this zoo army they call Fulani herdsmen attacked her, forceful raped her & after that they stabbed her several & put a big stick in her private part. And this is a young mother of two little children. that is the type of people u want to share a country with, idiotic moron Cisi!!!

  18. Tee

    June 1, 2017 at 12:26 am

    Can one of those Biafra supporters tells us about Adekunle Fajuyi and what he did for them. If they don’t have a clue then it means we were right all along cos if reverse was the case, hmmmmm, the whole world go hear am.

  19. Bowl

    June 1, 2017 at 3:29 am

    @Receive sense, and who are you? I meant Cisi shut up. You and your bland articles.
    @Tee, he was court martialled together with other Igbo officers.Have some peace now.

  20. saide

    June 1, 2017 at 7:54 am

    @anonymous .when will you ever get it that the igbos want to forget the war,that they just want to left alone.without a fear for their lives which is the right of every Nigerian citizen.They want the president and fellow citizens like you who say they are cry babies to decry the constant butchering of their people.If there were no constant reminders of the absolute hatred from the so-called fellow citizens ,tell me honestly would there be any agitation? YES,IN WAR there are losses,but are we still at war?

  21. The Zoo must fall

    June 1, 2017 at 8:00 am

    Unity BeggarsDescendants of a fallen AngelHydraulic soup drinkersWhat concerns you guys with our dream for freedomGive us true federalism, Nigeria says NoGive us restructuring, Nigeria says NoGive us our oil wells, Nigeria says NoGive us international seaports, Nigeria says NoOrdinary railway line, Nigeria says NoAfonjas leave us alone and live in peace with your masters up NorthNigeria will remain one after Biafrans have goneAfonjas, their masters and others will continue with Nigeria after the Biafrans havegoneAFONJAS STOP BEGGING FOR UNITY WITH A PEOPLE YOU CALL EVIL

    Yorubas never cease to amaze me. Crying and shouting that they must do ‘One Nigeria’with Igbos or heaven will fall. Look the one above asking useless questions and drinking panadol over another persons headache.Instead of Yorubas to come out and admit ‘we are afraid of how Hausa/Fulni will finish us if you guys secede’ so that we can know how to help them

  22. Remember

    June 1, 2017 at 8:08 am

    I sent my first comment in the afternoon of May 31st 2017. I sent the second one later in the night of the same May 31st . It’s past 8am on this day being a June 1st. I have read other comments sent this morning, yet you have not published my comments. I did not insult anyone. I did not use expletives. Please publish my comment now.

  23. John

    June 1, 2017 at 8:21 am

    Today some ignorant heads said they will shut off Biafrans from using their land or sea port, i kept wondering the kind of peoplethose are.Should Biafra be a sovereign country of onlyIgbos, dynamics will change and alot of things will change, you are telling me that Akwa Ibom will have a seaport and decided to shut it down so Igbos will not use it, or should Onne or Calabar work at full capacityand they because of sentiments, tell you so so and so people will not use it.Business and serious governance is not runby sentiments, trust me, even whoever is managing Lagos will be wooing people fromhere to come and use their port. Bcus more port activities, more money for any government, and more funds for developments.Where there is a will, there is a way, who says Cameroun will not go into partnership with Biafrans, for us to use their port, and use the cargo airport and shuttle it down home, we only need to upgrade Sam Mbakwe intl airport or the proposed Omanbala airport, only a journey of 2 hours maximum. Now they will gain money, while others will want to spite Biafrans by blocking means of earning more IGR

  24. john

    June 1, 2017 at 8:23 am

    Today some ignorant heads said they will shut off Biafrans from using their land or sea port, i kept wondering the kind of peoplethose are.Should Biafra be a sovereign country of onlyIgbos, dynamics will change and alot of things will change, you are telling me that Akwa Ibom will have a seaport and decided to shut it down so Igbos will not use it, or should Onne or Calabar work at full capacityand they because of sentiments, tell you so so and so people will not use it.Business and serious governance is not runby sentiments, trust me, even whoever is managing Lagos will be wooing people fromhere to come and use their port. Bcus more port activities, more money for any government, and more funds for developments.Where there is a will, there is a way, who says Cameroun will not go into partnership with Biafrans, for us to use their port, and use the cargo airport and shuttle it down home, we only need to upgrade Sam Mbakwe intl airport or the proposed Omanbala airport, only a journey of 2 hours maximum. Now they will gain money, while others will want to spite Biafrans by blocking means of earning more IGR

    culled from nairaland

  25. Anonymous

    June 1, 2017 at 9:36 am

    The usual rhetoric of being hated by everyone sounds very lame. If you look close, you will see that your people even show more hatred. Every tribe in Nigeria has been a victims of violence and this continues till date. However, we can all agree that the government needs to be more proactive regarding protection of lives and properties. Since the Yorubas hate you, how many times have the Igbos been attacked in the southwest? The Igbos live and conduct their trade freely in the southwest but do Igbos even give access to other tribes to trade in their main markets? What has the Igbo ever done for the Yoruba? If the southeast were the southwest of today, would the Igbos extend half of the courtesy the Yorubas have? The only way to satisfy the Igbo is to allow them to climb on your end and accept their action as final.

    My prayer is that Biafra is granted and all Igbos move back home. Nigeria must have a constitution that prevents any Igbo in any part of her land, when Biafra is granted.

    • saide

      June 1, 2017 at 1:38 pm

      if this isnt a hate statement,I wonder what is! Nigerians have a constitution that prevents pple from being on her land! hilarious.Nigeria has a constitution?

    • saide

      June 1, 2017 at 1:52 pm

      And i am wondering what the yorubas think they have done for igbos! There was once a coup led by one igbo man ,that means anything igbo should suffer and die? You chase people away from the lives they built,kill them and they start all over from the scratch and you are asking what they can do for yorubas? I dont know why yorubas feel soooo threatened,which igbo man has come to enter your compound not to talk of climb your backyard?BTW whoever told you that you need physical weapons to attack someone? Havent you met people that smile with you ,then turn around to spread gossip ,lies against you in a bid to finish you off?They also smile and say it is your fault when you are being killed forgetting that life is sacrosanct and murder always attracts a curse.How many Nigerians have been killed?How many more ought to die?what shall appease this hatred?

    • Anonymous

      June 1, 2017 at 2:56 pm


      you love the idea of being hated, it gives you self warmth. I wonder why there was no call for Biafra when your people were in strategic places during the tenure of Goodluck. Guess history is repeating itself, if an Igbo man cannot be the centre of attention, then Nigeria must split. Ironically, the same Ojukwu returned from exile to contest for Nigerian presidency. Ojukwu even went to the North seeking the support of Buhari. It will shock you that if an Igbo man becomes the president of Nigeria today, he would not even grant Biafra.

      I am sure lots of Yorubas emphathize with the Igbo regarding the pain of the war. However, what we don’t accept is your continuous pointing of hands to us, as the architect of your suffering. Perhaps, if Igbo people do more head scratching rather than chest beating and also accept that some of their actions led to the war, the 2 tribes may be able to find a middle ground and move on. Until the Igbo accept some responsibility rather than trying to appear like an angel that never contributed to the evils of Nigerian history, the continuous bikering will not stop. In summary, look at yourself and stop pointing to the Yorubas as the reason for every downfall the Igbo tribe has suffered.


    June 1, 2017 at 10:28 am


  27. saide

    June 1, 2017 at 5:10 pm

    @ anonymous,my point exactly!
    ojukwu contested for presidency,meaning he believed in Nigeria.Igbos have gone to all the parts of Nigeria to live,meaning they believe in Nigeria.But what do they get for the belief?accusations that they are greedy,wanting to climb backyard,they also get deported from places like Lagos because they are immigrants.Even the threat of bombing didn’t cause that Fashola man to send the hausas packing!Yorubas are not threatened by knife carrying hausas,no wa! I just wonder the threat those igbos posed!
    Face it,tell yourself the truth,the Igbos have moved past the war,but have you?You & I know that the igbos do not want war.Or do u fight a war by staying at home or staging peaceful protests?If that is war,then the igbos are not ready,the igbos should go to ask the people who kill humans like their cattle how to fight a war.

    • Anonymous

      June 1, 2017 at 8:21 pm

      Like I said Igbo people (some) love to chew on a point forever. Seems you do not let anything go. Regarding the issue you have termed as deportation, all state governments send people back to their state of origin if they are caught loitering around with no business or sleeping under bridges. In fact the Lagos state government has sent back hundreds of Ogun natives, caught loitering around in Lagos at night. Similarly, this was done by Anambra state government to fellow Igbos but no complaint was heard from the Igbos. May I also add that Fashola tendered an unreserved apology to the Igbos at the silver jubilee of the Igbo think tank “Aka Ikenga”. What else do you want.

      You have to realize that in a multi-ethnic nation, there will be misunderstandings but you people latch on to every slight thing forever. When most tribes in the South refused to play a part in Abacha’s scheming to become democratically elected. The Igbo under the direction of Daniel Kanu played a significant part in the 2 Million Man March, Youth Earnestly Ask for Abacha. The Yoruba felt insulted because Abiola was still in prison, but do we still hang on to it. Even the people of the Niger delta have grievances against the Igbos. Please we all have one issue against one another, the earlier the tribes making up the south let go of past irrelevances that can’t be changed, the better it is for southern Nigeria. Stop the victim mentality.

  28. saide

    June 2, 2017 at 12:57 pm

    @anonymous.It never ceases to amaze me how people always seem to point out the speck in someone else’s eyes without removing the plank from theirs.You are saying the igbos are holding on to things that affects the very foundations of their existence as a people however feel free to to mention the coup,tout it as an igbo coup,talk about the Abacha march(i am sure these are very present relevances),Even more present than the scores of humans being killed by the people that are patented to hold on to grudges and quietly watched by the ones who know the definition of ‘relevance”The yorubas can accuse all they want and point out things from the past whenever they want but the igbos try to do the same thing; it becomes a victim mentality.Stop the bully mentality.

    • Anonymous

      June 3, 2017 at 12:45 am

      Your post is rather pointless if that is all you can pick from my post. The bottom line is we all have one thing to hold against the other tribe. No tribe is guilt free. Time to move on from passing tribal hatred from one generation to the other. I pray your Biafra is granted promptly so that we can all stay in our own corner. At least, the Igbos will only mingle with fellow Igbos that do not hate them in Biafra and the Yorubas vice versa. Once again, I earnestly hope that Biafra is granted so that all Igbos will achieve their desire of leaving Nigeria to a land without hate. Biafra will be heaven on earth. Hail Biafra!!!!!!!!!!

    • saide

      June 5, 2017 at 12:49 pm

      @ anonymous.Even your reply shows you off as crass.You should be able to allow a difference in opinion.The worst people to engage in an argument are people who say something and expect you not to reply them.They would rather say you are arguing or render your points as pointless! I only served you the dish you made!
      how many times did you pray for the igbos to go?(out of the abundance of the heart…).Yet you were supposedly responding to my “pointless” points(meanwhile check through my posts,did i mention anything about supporting biafra?) Take your own advice and quit hating!From 1 corner of your mouth you will say one thing ,from the other corner you will say let them go!Your 2faced behaviour is an attribute that is not suprising.(it is being handed down)

  29. Peaches77

    June 2, 2017 at 11:23 pm

    @writer, you should be humble enough to remain quiet and learn in areas you do not have a full grasp of. On this matter, you should have structured this piece differently probably in a way that genuinely seeks answers.
    And for crying out loud, this statement of “Igbos are not united” is the lamest of all. Peruse it deeply and you’ll see that it’s a narrative maliciously set up to deny & present the Igbos as a set of people that will never be ready. It is a disservice to the Igbos and I personally think that it is a very trivial matter just as it is in every other tribe, country etc.
    @ anonymous and mates, this thing that you people do eh…. well just calm down and try to assess it from different angles if you are genuine.

  30. zaza

    June 4, 2017 at 11:41 pm

    The south east is not landlocked there is river Niger between Asaba and Onitsha

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