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Mum the Wonder Woman! Participate in the Dettol #PowerfulNaijaMum and Win Amazing Prizes




I am a new wife, even newer at being a mom. I’m still learning to adjust to the demands of this new responsibility. It’s a lot, trust me. One of the things I’m most concerned most about is doing the laundry, especially as my two babies are very active people

Let me explain:

My husband plays football every Saturday, and also has a standing appointment with his friends on Thursday evenings to play basketball. Then I have a super energetic ten-month-old boy whose day consists of crawling, rolling, and exploring every item within his reach. What these result in are stinky trainers, dirty socks, sweaty jerseys, soiled bibs, stained baby clothes with the occasional poop residue. You get the picture of wash day for me now? Basically what you get when you have a fully grown sports man and a restless infant in your life.

I discovered that bacteria builds up on dirty clothes and since I washed with cold water, using ordinary soap and detergent wasn’t enough to kill them off. I needed something to disinfect all those accumulated germs so I introduced Dettol Antiseptic Liquid into my wash day routine. With 1 capful of Dettol, my laundry is cleaner and fresher and my family is protected from up to 100 illness causing germs.

I am a Powerful Naija Mum and I rely on the power of Dettol’s 1 capful to keep my family germ-free. Are you a powerful Naija mum? Dettol wants to celebrate you!

As a reward for all your efforts to keep healthy homes and families, Dettol plans to celebrate powerful Naija mums in April 2017. This means some of you lucky mothers will get to hang out with your favorite celebrities in Nigeria at the end of the search for Powerful Naija Mums!

Each week, mums with the highest likes get to win a Dettol Power Pack filled with exciting prizes including a smartphone and at the end of the campaign, a final draw will be done to select the top mums with the highest engagement. These mums will be part of Dettol’s Powerful Naija Mum photo shoot with the celebrities. The shoot will also be featured on top blogs and websites with many exciting gifts to be won!

To participate:

  1. Upload a photo or video telling us how you use Dettol’s one capful,
  2. Upload on your social media page
  3. Ensure your post is seen by using the hashtag #Powerfulnaijamum #Dettolonecapful
  4. Tag @thenaijamum on Facebook and @thenaijamum_ on Instagram

Be a powerful Naija Mum with Dettol!


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