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Are You Really as Good a Driver as You Think?



Are You a Bad Driver?Nigeria, like every other country in the world, has its share of awful drivers; but, a number of Nigerians certainly take bad driving to another level. Blissfully unaware of their less than laudable driving skills, they believe they are the best and nobody can tell them otherwise.
In their opinion, the regularity of their driving, as well as the copious length of time spent on the road, is the sole requirement for great driving skills, and so, they refuse to even consider the possibility that they may be doing anything wrong on the road.

The truth is, most of us have cut off a car or two and ignored certain road rules, but does that earn us the title of “Terrible driver”? What are the signs that show that you are actually a bad driver?

You’re the Recipient of Angry Obscenities from Other Road Users
If you frequently hear horns being honked and people shouting or cursing at you when you are on the road, chances are you might be a bad driver. It has nothing to do with the fact that they are crazy people or they have the wrong attitude. I mean, the fact that it is a frequent occurrence with you, is a strong indicator that you may be the problem. Do you keep to the speed limit? Do you acknowledge road signs and traffic rules? Or do you ignore them and just shout back at people who dare to challenge your resolve?

You Get Easily Distracted
If every little thing catches your attention or distracts you, then the wheel is no place for you to be. You are probably a bad driver. For most, the distractions come with the phone. Using a mobile phone while driving is a huge indicator that you are a driver. Even if the call is paired via Bluetooth, it has a way of making you lose focus, and it becomes difficult to pay attention to the road. Again, if you get distracted by billboards, signs, people passing down the streets, driving may not just be for you.

You Like To Follow Too Closely
A number of accidents have been triggered by drivers who follow too closely! It is a dangerous practice as it prevents you from reacting in time to the road. If you are a culprit, then you certainly are a terrible driver.

You are Always at the Mechanic’s Shop
You certainly are a terrible driver if you have your mechanic on speed dial, or listed as a star favourite on your call list. In fact, you feel like your day is not complete if you have not had a chat with the mechanic regarding the state of your car. Of course, it is not intentional; your plan was never to make him your bestie, but your clutch keeps wearing out. Then your brakes keep failing, as well as your tyers! Ah, you need to sort that out with your mechanic regularly.

No matter what car you buy or how many times you fix them, all the parts on your car keep wearing out. You suspect your mechanic is playing some games, but deep down you know it’s neither the fault of the mechanic nor the car. It’s you. You are a terrible driver and it’s the only way you can manage your condition.

You are Too Creative with Your Driving
Driving sometimes requires flexibility on the part of the driver, especially when there is traffic or road block. It’s okay to falter once in a while, but if you don’t have a problem making a U-Turn in the middle of the road, you believe the road signs are optional, and the speed limit to you is just a suggestion. You do not hesitate to use the shoulder of the road, or drive against traffic to avoid a traffic jam. You’re a bad driver.

You Are Always Changing Cars
In 2 years you have had five new cars. It would be great if you were super rich and the cars were brand new cars or limited edition you alternated. However, they are fairly used cars; you always sold one before purchasing the other because they all developed fault at some point. Surely, you must realize that replacing your car frequently is one of the signs you’re a bad driver. A good driver knows how to treat a car, maximise its value and use it long term.

People Pass On Free Rides With You
A couple of colleagues at work who do not have cars, live close to you …yet, every time you offer to give them a lift, they decline. Generally, people are reluctant to accept a ride from you. They would rather walk long miles in the pouring rain, than sit in your passenger seat. Or spend a fortune on Taxify or Uber than save the money carpooling with you. The few times you pick up freshers, they change their mind along the way and inform you that they would prefer to walk to their destination, so that they can at least stretch their legs. If people feel unsafe with you behind the wheel, that says something about the standard of your driving.

You Low-key compete for Road Space
Every time you get on the road, you are in quiet competition with other drivers; you have this nagging feeling they are out to shame you, and take your position as the king of the road. The few times someone edges ahead of you at traffic lights or gets to a parking space before you, you feel deeply insulted – you feel like you have failed as a driver.

You Keep having little accidents that are ‘Not My Fault’
If you have been in a lot of accidents that are “not my fault, I swear,” you need to re-evaluate your driving skills and perhaps realise that you probably are at fault,  after all. You can only have so many bumps, scratches, and accidents before you realise that you are the real source of the problem.

You Can’t Drive a Stick Shift (manual)
This is pretty simple: if you can drive a manual transmission car… are you really as good a driver as you think? Automatic is great, but… let’s leave it at that. 🙂

Being a terrible driver isn’t quite flattering, but it does not mean that your case is closed. Even the most experienced driver makes mistakes and can even get into bad habits. The first step is to improve and stop heaping the blame on other factors. Recognize your mistakes, and identify the problem and improve.

Can you think of any other sign of terrible driving?

Photo Credit: Monkey Business Images | Dreamstime

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  1. Somto

    August 17, 2017 at 1:11 pm

    Like really!!! If you can’t drive a stick shift you are a terrible driver. So in actual fact that’s like 80% of the world’s population zoned as bad drivers not withstanding that America don’t even sell stick shift cars and all driving tests are done with automatic cars. Major flaws in your write u. Kindly do some research.

  2. mami

    August 17, 2017 at 1:39 pm

    You approach a roundabout with speed…those on a roundabout have the right of way, you make a turn without signalling, you stop to pick or drop off someone right in the middle of the road, i signal to go left or right and that is when you decide to speed up just not to let me stay ahead of you…smh….naija drivers….we all end up at the same traffic light at the same time no matter your speed or James Bond moves on the road….just always remember it is not a competition…there is no price and truly there is really no need to rush

  3. Nelly

    August 17, 2017 at 9:47 pm

    I believe you can find the best driver in the UK. If you get your licence ever un UK, na u get this hand( thumbs up) It was in Britain that i learnt that accidents does not just happen, except for a certain reason which is spiritually. But physically if one can obey the road and traffic laws, watch on for oncoming vehicle and give way on time for them,have patience and be mindful of other road users then Naija can have better drivers.

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