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Rene Digital Hub: You’re Using Social Media Wrong, If…



Using social media is one of the most efficient and cost effective ways of getting your name and brand extensive visibility and awareness. Just think of companies that went from zeros to heroes by simply effectively leveraging on the different social media platforms. But, you know this already, right?

I wouldn’t spend time trying to teach you how to use social media as I am sure a number of you are on two or three or four social platforms. Instead, I’d be pointing the things you are doing wrong.

Let’s get right into it.

You are using Social Media Wrong if you are Inconsistent or a Spammer
A lot of people fall between posting too much and posting too little on social media; either way, you are wrong. If you really want social media to be sales or lead generation channel for your business, then you shouldn’t post every once in awhile, rather you must post consistently.

Consistency doesn’t mean post 5x in a day (if you aren’t KrakzTv and the likes), consistency just means not too much that you spam them, but well enough that they don’t forget you. So as a brand, 1-3 every day on Facebook and Instagram works well; of course, you would have to do more on Twitter, because it is a lot easier to get lost in the poll of tweets.

You are using Social Media if it is Always About You
No shade, but you are not that awesome. Ever heard the saying: your customers do not care about you until they know you care? It is very true. Your followers want to connect with you. They want to see posts on your page that educate, enlightens, inspires and or entertains them. Businesses thrive on relationships, and the content you put out on Social Media is what ignites or puts off the relationship. So, use the 80/20 principle more often; focus more on your target audience and less than your product or service. Once you can gain their attention and heart, buying from you is no longer a problem.

You are using Social Media Wrong if You do not respond to Comments
Remember that we just learned about focusing on content that ignites connection with your followers? Well, another way to do this is to reply comments. Your post can ignite the fire, but responding to a comment would fan that flame. It could start a conversation that could go on later to be the foundational block in a relationship. But yeah, your comment replies do not have to be that deep, if the person’s comment itself isn’t worth it. A little ‘thanks for commenting’ or ‘well said’ or ‘lol’, can go a long way in getting someone to be a regular engager on your account.

You are using Social Media Wrong if You Post the Same Thing Across Board
If you are not optimizing your content to fit the different social media platforms in terms of image dimensions, use of hashtag and type of content, then you are definitely using social media the wrong way. I understand that it is a lot of easier to create one content and just copy and paste it across board, but easier isn’t always the best option.
These social media platforms were built with different ideas in mind, and believe or not, people actually use them differently. Thus, your content should be tweaked to fit uniquely, to each platform.
Use the right image dimensions, do not use hashtags on Facebook the way you use them on Twitter and Instagram. Each platform has unique features that you can utilize in tweaking the same content to fit each platform – Use Stories feature of Instagram, Create Events on Facebook, Use Twitter Polls to drive engagement, Join LinkedIn Groups etc. Run a tweetchat on Twitter, use multiple posts on Instagram to share an event sequence or story. Even if you have the same end-goal for your content across social media, you should definitely optimize it for each platform’s characteristics and strengths.

You are Using Social Media Wrong if You are Using Social Media In Isolation
Your social media marketing should not be done in isolation. Ensure that it is integrated with your website, all your communication channels and your overall marketing efforts. Also, ensure that all your SM accounts are in one way or the other in sync, and linked to each other so people can follow you seamlessly on different platforms. A great way to do this, is to ensure your handle is uniform to the letter across board.
Social Media is serious business, treat it as such. It should more than just a place to gain popularity, it should bring sales; ensure it does.

A little note for individuals:

● You are using social media wrong if you are being extremely shy, antisocial and not using the opportunity to network, connect, gain value and add value.

● You are definitely using social media wrong if you are sliding into Dms with no respect. Stop sending random people (girls) messages saying ‘ello Pretti’. If you would slide, then slide with courtesy. Use a line that would grab attention and give you a certain perception and persona at first glance.

● It is not necessary to comment on everything. Be wise and discrete.

● Shorthand? I don’t know how great that is.

Written by Peace Itimi – Digital Marketing Lead at Rene Digital Hub.

Photo Credit: Diana Eller | Dreamstime

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