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Watch Battabox’s Vox Pop on Family Planning in Nigeria



In this vox pop, Battabox‘s Odunayo visited a maternity centre in Mushin, Lagos to hear the women’s thoughts on family planning.

Most say they do not have interest in it, others said they do not know what it means, and some say they do not have a fixed number of children they intend to have.

Some others say they have heard that family planning affects women negatively.

In the end, the women had a mini-seminar from the team on the importance of family planning.

She also took to the streets to hear young people’s thoughts on the issue.


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  1. ec

    August 24, 2017 at 1:07 pm

    we re in trouble.

    We need to plan. Nigeria has too many people and too many child beggars.

    You can like sex but also you precaution

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