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Episode 10 of Professor Johnbull’s 4th season is all about Neighbourhood Robbery | Watch




The new episode of Professor Johnbull, treats yet another topical issue, neighbourhood robbery.

In the episode titled Housegirl Warrior, viewers will be guided through the tactics employed by loafers in neighbourhoods, especially in estates, who specialise in targeting vulnerable female househelps with the intention of burgling the maids ‘masters’ houses.

The episode exposes graphically the antics of these ‘neigbourhood Casanovas’, who use flattery and fake promises to buy househelps expensive gift items to glean information about their masters from them before dealing the deadly blow.


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  1. Ona

    September 26, 2017 at 7:05 pm

    Such a good actress but when will she graduate from these mbegke roles, gosh. After a while it’s becoming too predictable and extremely boring. No doubt she’s a good actress but she needs to upgrade on scripts. It was funny at first but now I just roll my eyes and change channel. Aba, everyday na mbegke roles, ah ah now .
    Anyway let me come and go. If I say she’s overrated now her minions will call me hater. In Nigeria one cannot tell the truth and shame the devil anymore, abi? No wonder are actors cannot grow, y’all feed them lies and never the truth so they can improve

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