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Did Mr Eazi pioneer the Ghana-Nigeria Music Fusion? Watch New Episode of Vibes with Vheektor | BN TV




Following the rave around Mr Eazi‘s claim during an interview on Capital Xtra UK where he stated that Nigerian musicians are using his formula – which is the slow tempo Ghanaian bounce fused with Nigerian progressions, Nigerian pop culture enthusiast Vheektor Okpala shares a brief historical background on the musical influences of Ghanaian music on Nigerian music in a bid to determine whether or not Mr Eazi is the pioneer of the trend.

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  1. MurdaSheWrote

    September 12, 2017 at 11:16 pm

    To answer the question, no he did not. At least Wizkid sang about banku before anyone knew a Mr Eazi existed LOL. By the way, in that video of him talking about how he was the pioneer of Ghana fusion blah blah blah, he appeared high or something related to that. Dude is crazy AF thinking he pioneered anything. He ain’t no pioneer my ass. Mscheew. He should just get on the next flight to Accra and never return. Asswipe.

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