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#BeInspired Mondays with IK: Play it Back

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We do not need to undergo a course on volleyball to understand that the only goal of the game is to take the ball out of your court without allowing it hit the ground, and sending it over the net to your opponents’ court.

We’ll just pick a few lessons from this today, most of which we already know but need constant reminder on.

These words “the ball is in your court” is used to mean, “it’s now your responsibility” to decided whether you succeed or not. When you volley the ball to the opponents’ court in a volleyball game, you have increased your chance of winning, but if your opponent plays it back, you forget about your previous volley, and focus on getting the ball out of your court again into your opponent’s court.

Never allow your lack of performing your responsibility be the reason why you failed. Even after you performed it, and the need to perform another responsibility arises again you perform your responsibility again, by playing it back. Execute all your plans and intentions, “leave no stone unturned”, do your best and wait for the results, not wait for the results without doing anything.

In volleyball, even when you play the ball out of your court, and it lands outside the opponent’s court, you loose, hence, let your actions be directional. Never confuse motion with progress.

Another lesson is that, even when you loose, you still stand on your guard, to correct your previous mistakes by learning from them, and not repeating the process that led to that loss/failure – you play the ball back, but this time, more experienced and directional.


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