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Christmas Gift Ideas for People Who Seem To Have It All



Christmas day is fast approaching and we all have a list of people we want to buy presents for.  On that list, you have people you know for sure what they’d like, or what they need, so it easy to shop for them. There, however, are certain people who are impossible to shop for. Not that they are too picky about the kind of gifts they take from people, or you do not know them well, but because they already have everything they could possibly ever need (and more)!

Every time you think you’ve thought of something excellent for them, you find out they already have it. In fact, even the latest fashion items of latest models, they’ve had it for a while and even already have multiples.

How do you then find a decent gift for people like that who already have everything? Especially when you are keen on making a great impression and showing them you appreciate them. For those with this struggle, we have rounded up 6 gifts ideas for people who have got it all.

Something Personalized
You can take something simple that they may already have and spice it up, by adding a personal touch to it.  It could be a little engraving, embroidering, or just a redesigned gift, specifically for your recipient.

The personal touch adds meaning to the gift. It means a lot to someone who already has everything else. This shows that you’ve put a little extra thought and effort into finding the perfect gift.   You could gift them a piece of jewelry with their name engraved on it,  clothing items, purses, and even journals embroidered with their name, or their favorite quote or a picture of you with the recipient, or a photo of their family.

 Memories Instead of Things
They already own everything you can think of or afford for them, but while they already have these things their hearts desire, they probably had forgotten bits of their most special times they had. And generally, since people like to recall memories and reminisce, you could gift that as a Christmas present. Go through old albums and pick out an old forgotten photo of the two of you that brings back a loving moment, then buy a nice frame for it. You could even go a step further to attach a card to it with the memory handwritten inside. This kind of gift may seem  kind of touchy-feely, but they’re the kind of gifts that are sure to be appreciated.

An Experience They’ve Shown Interest In
Experiences are usually the best gifts and there’s a pretty good chance they’ll make your recipient happy really. Also, they cannot discard it or throw it away. The memory stays with them forever. Pay good attention to them and find experiences you know they have an interest in (they should have talked about it or looked into before), something they’ll actually want to partake in or something that will give them an opportunity to improve a skill they’re passionate about, then gift them with it. You could sign them up for make-up classes, cooking classes or dance lessons, or just buy them a movie ticket, a day at the spa, or a gift voucher for a massage. It doesn’t have to be an experience they have never had before, either.

Gift Cards or Certificates
Some people do not like to give gift cards or certificates because it seems lazy, and basically it is just like giving someone cash rather than making an effort to get them something thoughtful. But, people who have everything clearly have a picture of what they want, so there’s no shame in getting a gift card or gift certificate. No matter how much anyone has, they never say no to more money or purchasing power. You could get them a gift card to SPAR so they can do some ‘free’ grocery shopping for Christmas, a gift card to go shopping at a favorite clothing store, or vouchers for free food at their favorite restaurant. Believe it or not, gift cards actually show a lot of love and thought without the added stress of over thinking and trying to figure out what would specifically appeal to them.

Membership or subscription
There’s something to be said for anticipating a person’s need and paying for it. It proves you’re thinking beyond an item, and considering ways to make their life easier or more interesting…and that’s what gifting a membership or subscription does! It is also like the gift that keeps on giving.  It could be a six-month Audible membership, membership at a gym, club or subscription to a lifestyle magazine, Iroko Tv or Netflix. Gifting them a membership or subscription means your recipient gets access to certain perks, at least for a month or even up to a year. Every time recipients access the membership/subscription benefits, they’re going to think of you.

Prepaid service
Offering them prepaid service is another awesome way to gift someone who has everything. Acts of service never fail. You could, for instance, pay for a full car detail, a few hours of housecleaning dry cleaning services, or even full-scale electronics maintenance. This kind of gift is great if you are a broke too, as you can be the one to give the ‘prepaid service’. Sometimes, the best gifts aren’t things, but the readiness to pitch in and lend a hand. For instance, you could babysit for a friend who hasn’t had a night out in a while, or cook meals for them to pack and keep in the freezer.

Can you think of any other gift ideas for people who seem to have it all? Share with us.

Photo Credit: Robert Byron | Dreamstime

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