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Eva Bozimo: Your Experiences are Building Blocks For Your Tomorrow



I was having a conversation with a group of ladies and this was the topic of the day. It was understood at the end of the conversation that a lot of people silently compete with their friends or loved ones. Personally, I think it’s inevitable to do so, but the point I want to arrive at is, what it drives you to do afterwards.

Some people get motivated from competition, as it makes them focus twice as hard; others get distracted by it, and eventually start wanting what the other person has.

Your friend just secured a new job/business, you don’t acknowledge the hard work that they put in in silence, now it’s paying off and you get jealous. How convenient.

Your friend just got engaged after dating for a few months, so you put a lot of pressure on your boyfriend, while you could just continue to nurture your relationship till it matures in its own time.

Your friend might have become a successful fashion model at 18 while you are still struggling at your parent’s house, trying to make ends meet, but your situation could be preparing you for a greater future.

You’re the first born and you always wondered why you always had to be the one taking care of your younger siblings even though you’re clearly still a kid, taking them to the hospital and being accountable for the household. When will you realise that comparison is the thief of all joy?

Have you ever wondered if all these are leadership traits the man up there is trying to instil in you for a great tomorrow?

Perhaps you’re going to be a CEO or hold a public office? You were raped as a child, or became a cultist at university, and now you’re depressed, staring at your friends doing better than you, driving huge cars and running businesses.

Ever wondered if you could eventually be called to be a motivational speaker or man/woman of God, and what is more inspiring than a person who has been there and seen it all, but is now on the other side? I don’t know exactly what you’re going through, but your experiences are not mere coincidences, they are footprints to your future. Nothing you’ve been through will be wasted.

Every one has had some experiences that elicited the question “why am I going through this?” Our difficulties shape our lives. Whether you grew up poor, middle class or wealthy, your experiences play a role in your life. There are different paths to take, people to meet, and circumstances to overcome, that eventually leads to our purpose in life.

Your journey is totally different from the next person. Eventually you will find out why you had to go through what you did. Lessons had to be learnt, skills had to be practiced, patience had to be taught, and it’s your job to use that to propel you forward.

When you’re blessed to operate in destiny you can look back and see how all of them helped position you. You start to realise that the situations that looked like delays actually were opportunities to grow, gain experience and meet people who would help you later in life. Even the things and experiences you didn’t want, if you allow them, can be building blocks to a stronger and better you.

When your journey is not taking the straight course you’d like, its easy to focus on what others are doing. Cultivate the ability to stay on track, your track, and keep moving forward.

Your friend has just reached a milestone in his/her life and if you get distracted staring at their glory for too long you could miss yours just a few steps ahead.

Life is a journey, and once you have a vision, then all you really need is persistence. It might not look or sound convincing to others presently but it’s your vision… not theirs; and if you keep pushing daily, taking those baby steps, little by little the picture starts to become clearer and it all starts to make sense.

Sometimes God hides us for months, even years; no one notices your greatness (not even your family), so don’t force it on them.

No one can tell a lady is in the early stages of pregnancy till she’s a couple months gone and actually starts “showing”. So darling, as long as you still have breath in you, keep nurturing that vision you’re pregnant with, and when the time is right the world will seek you. As a believer of purpose I strongly believe we all have different paths in this thing called life, and while you can take a look and see a friend soaring, it’s expected for you to congratulate them and be glad because it’s clear God is in your neighbour hood and patiently wait for your turn, because it’s coming.

Love &Light xo

Photo Credit: Dreamstime

Eva Bozimo is the editor-in-chief of the life style site candid lips blog. She’s a freelance writer and can be reached for writing articles for magazines, blogs, script writing and reviews. She created her platform to raise the consciousness level of people and to spread positivity. Also to recognise the challenges we face everyday, especially in Africa. Find her on Instagram: Twitter: @EvaChanel


  1. Bunnie

    December 1, 2017 at 8:09 am

    It’s always important to note that whilst trying to get your act together, some one close to you might seem to be or actually be achieving things you’ll wish to be achieving. Always congratulate if you must, with genuinty. Everybody cannot achieve great things at the same time and saying “well done” cannot hurt you.

    The achiever on the other hand, be sensitive to your surroundings. Besides the obvious successes that cannot be hidden, some persons derive pleasure in being in the faces of their friends and family, yapping on and on about their achievements. For someone trying to find his feet, this could be very depressing. Instead of talking so much about yourself, ask about them and be a source of encouragement with your words especially.

    Nice writeup Ayi!!!! You know I’m proud of you..

  2. Very true

    December 1, 2017 at 11:37 am

    Sometimes God hides us for months, even years; no one notices your greatness (not even your family), so don’t force it on them.

    That is so true! Coming from someone who has experienced this, I have learnt that God’s time is truly always the best, never force things before their time.

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