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#LiterallyWhatsHot: Bolatito Bez-Idakula’s “Royalty” is a Story of Self-Worth, True Love & Finding Freedom



“If you’d asked me to describe myself two years ago, I would not have been able to find one positive word. I didn’t think much of myself, and my viewpoint was constantly being defined by what others said I was. Two years ago, I was completely lost.

In January 2014, I had just gotten married, had a thriving career in a bank, and by June, I found out I was pregnant. Life seemed to be everything I dreamed of, but by June 2015, I was empty. My job was gone and after nine months of being pregnant, my daughter was born but passed away a day later. I still had an amazing husband, but it didn’t mean anything. My new source of joy had suddenly been taken away. I spent a lot of time thinking, searching within for my joy. How did things get so bad? I wondered. Where did everything go wrong? When did my progress become a regression? Through my pain, I blamed myself for what was happening. It seemed like my past had finally caught up with me.”

Life has never and will never be a bed of roses. Things are never a plain black and white. But when I picked up this book to read, I can’t say that I knew what to expect.  I can’t say I was ready for what I got.

Bolatito Bez-Idakula, right from a very young age, faced rejection from her own family, became the black sheep of the family and got involved in activities only couples should get involved in, as well as other heartbreaking activities. Unfortunately, having sexual experiences at an early age due to lack of love and guidance did have its own negative impact on her life.

The experiences of her childhood made me wonder exactly what a lot of other children are being exposed to at such a young age. Being in a broken home didn’t help matters as both her parents were too busy to give her real attention and her stepmothers made it clear, she was not wanted in the family. Well, why should they care? She was the black sheep after all. Little did they know, their actions contributed in shaping her wrongly.

Bolatito, as she grew into a young woman, found Christ and repented of her reckless ways. However, going to the University brought back the old habits she thought she was done with, and even worse. As a young adult, having sex, partying and drinking carelessly was the order of the day. Followed by two abortions that almost ruined her chances of motherhood later in life.

Breaking off the habit was not easy. But when she finally decided to let God take charge, things went from worse to smooth. And although she was faced with life-threatening complications in her first two pregnancies later in life, the third had no issues what so ever.

Bolatito Bez-Idakula’s Royalty is an epic example of what it means to bare it all.

Those things we think do not matter to a child, are actually the only things that matter. Love, acceptance and social education about life will help children build a better foundation faster.

Definitely, Bolatito’s entire life story cannot be contained in a small book. Knowing this, she picked only the important parts; parts I never expected to read.

One would say such private information should be kept private. But when you know you can use your life experiences to help a lot of youngsters out there, what do you do?

The book throws light on the dangers children are faced with, as they are unknowingly left to overcome circumstances like rejection, sexual abuse, scam, and many other situations they know little or nothing about.

Bolatito’s journey from bad, mischievous, careless and filthy, to Royalty, is indeed a struggle a lot of youths and even adults are facing today. But in the end, from Bolalito’s experience, it is clear that trusting God to hold your hand and walk with you, is the best thing that can happen to anyone who truly wants change.

The editing is almost clean. Very few typos. The flow is steady but there are some unexpected cutoffs.

I give Bolatito double thumbs up for her boldness in writing, publishing and distributing this book. It is definitely a book for all parents, guardians, and youths, male and female.

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Karo Oforofuo is an experienced freelance writer, an author of several fiction books, and a blogger at Pelleura, where she entertains readers with mouth-watering stories, real-life experiences, relationships and business articles. She also specializes in helping authors, who want to start and grow their reader base, through consulting sessions. When she’s not working, she’s busy reading the next best paranormal romance novel or writing one. Check out her novel “Strange Man at Iri


  1. GirlOnTop

    January 23, 2018 at 10:16 am

    Wow! I wanted this book as soon as I saw a post about it on the gram. Now I want it a lot more. I’m happy for her and proud of how far she’s come.

    God bless you Tito and I pray that He perfects all that concerns you.

  2. Olori

    January 23, 2018 at 10:31 am

    Karo this is such an amazing book review.

  3. anon

    January 23, 2018 at 10:52 am

    I appreciate her honesty to share her story, struggles and walk with God. Also making the book free was really sweet and generous. I think the editing of the book could be improved. Overall and inspirational book. God bless you.

  4. Lailatu

    January 23, 2018 at 2:11 pm

    That’s really bold. Well done Tito. Will get myself a copy.

  5. Ms B

    January 23, 2018 at 5:12 pm

    Lovely story! Thanks for making it freely available. God bless you

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