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Your Better Self with Akanna: Who’s Your Creative Partner?

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Akanna OkekeThe highest form of creativity is expressed in the creation of the human being.  Every intricate detail perfectly crafted, with a unique purpose that it serves.  It is hard to think of any other creation that comes close to the human being. None exists.

Not only is such high level creativity expressed in our formation, it is also embedded within us to express ourselves.  We create so many things from tangible machines like cars, boats and airplanes to intangible social networking platforms.

Doing this brings us a deep sense of joy because, not only are we contributing to the improvement of the collective human experience, which is in itself enormously fulfilling, we are also expressing our true selves to the world.  We are being exactly who we were made to be – co-creators with the all-creative one who made us.

There is an exhilarating feeling that comes with bringing something to life.  This is best experienced upon the birth of a child.  A new born has a way of bringing an unexplainable feeling of joy to those around it.

The responsible couple is the most joyful because, deep within themselves, they feel they have both added to the collective human experience and expressed themselves to the world in the highest form possible; through the birth – or creation – of a human being.

This is the highest form of creative work humans can ever do.  And it only makes sense that any other creative activity we engage in, be modeled after this one.  Yes, after childbirth!

We both know that the woman, even though she birthed the child, was not solely responsible for the creation of that tiny human.  There was a man involved.  My guess is that they both didn’t know each other at the beginning.  They probably bumped into each other somewhere, or a mutual friend introduced them.  Either way, a connection was made between them.

They then started talking to each other from that day on, hanging out and communicating frequently enough to take that connection to a much deeper level.  At that point, they were in so deep that it just made sense for them to form a partnership together.  After all, there aren’t that many people that you get to know so deeply, so closely, so intimately.  Only a partnership makes sense at that point.

It was through this partnership that they then collaborated together to create the highest form of creation itself – a human being.

So if we are indeed to model all of our creative activity after this, we must first realize that nothing of significance is ever achieved alone.  Whether we want to create a business, develop an app, build a skyscraper or the next social networking site, we need to collaborate with other people to do so.

Secondly, we must realize that just like the man had the seed but needed the woman to literally flesh it out and bring it to life, we also may have some very wonderful ideas or seed-thoughts but we need others to help us flesh them out and bring them to life.  Not so literally.

Finally, we must also realize that just like the couple probably didn’t know each other at the very beginning, we too may not have those who would help us, those with whom we are to collaborate, just hanging around us in our circles waiting to join us to create our new venture.  They might be very far away from us and we need to take it upon ourselves to go out there and make connections, establish relationships and get to know people.

Then, just like our couple, we start communicating frequently with these people, hanging out and deepening our already established connections so that we get to know them well enough to form fruitful partnerships with them; collaborating together to create something of lasting significance.

Creativity is what drives the collective human experience.  It improves our lives.  Where would we be without the cars, the boats, and the airplanes?  And the very act of creating is what brings us individual joy and fulfillment.  We feel we have contributed our own quota to this collective experience.

To attain fulfillment and lasting joy in our individual lives, therefore, we must partner together to create the best collective experience for all.

Nothing of great significance is ever achieved alone.  The coming together of people is always a requirement for doing such.  And this only happens when we reach out to: connect, communicate, collaborate and create.  This is the whole essence of human existence.

So, bearing all this in mind, let me ask you a question that is also tough for me to answer: who is your creative partner?

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