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This Powerful “I AM” Series is changing the Narrative! Watch Episode 1 as Tunji Ameen talks overcoming Discrimination as an Albino




I Am is an ongoing series by Chidera Muoka, in collaboration with photographer Niyi Okeowo, aimed at showcasing unique individuals – people who are plus-size, have tribal marks, albinos or have physical scars.

The aim of the series is to capture unique people in their most vulnerable form as they share their amazing stories.

For the first episode, MC and Producer Tunji Ameen shares his story of being an albino in Nigeria, with video production by Kayode Idowu.

“There is no childhood memory that made me feel unique until I got to the boarding house in secondary school, where I found out that I was exempted from duties. When I asked them, they told me that I was different….” – Tunji Ameen

Speaking about Tunji, Chidera Muoka says:

Growing up as an albino, Tunji was taunted with words like “oyibo pepper”. Seemingly harmless words sang and said by kids, sometimes with the intent to cement the notion that he was different from the rest of the kids because of his skin tone.

Yet, Tunji is more than his skin tone. My first impression of Tunji – who is actually an MC and producer -was that he is bold and driven and unafraid, and this why I asked him to be a part of the I AM project. We wanted to give him a platform to tell his story and break the ideology that different is something to be ashamed of.

We often judge based on sight, and never really give people a chance based on our preconceived notions of these people. We see a person with a disability working hard and living their best lives and immediately conclude that they are the exception. Whereas, we only see it this way because it’s something different from the events we have determined to be “normal”.

Watch below.:


  1. Erinolaakin

    April 19, 2018 at 9:06 pm

    All I see is ability not disability in ability because there was never any.. Tunji Ameen is indeed leaving a foot print on the sands of time.

  2. Jumawale

    April 20, 2018 at 6:38 am

    The reason they die is because people misinterpret spiritual guidings. before most African youths venture to seek fortune they will seek gudaince from a deep spiritual master. Who will summon a powerful spirit usually in animal form to give the lot directions.

    usually the spirit is summoned from criminal world and evil of the undead even tho it may be a relative it is prohibited by rules of engagement to make the its intentions clear; therefore the message comes out crypted, and offers a fortune on a split end! Forexample the residue of the white ones amongst you will bring you fortune because there is condensed magic enter twined in their bodies.

    when these uneducated and illiterate bastards leave that conference typically unable to make clear sence of the message they will then wonder about dazzled and confused by its meaning but with some primitive understanding that they probably mean Europeans; but where to find them ???! …usually they will wonder until fatigue overcomes them or hunger brings them a state of slumber and redirects them from their task. Most will elect to abandon the mission. But the desparate ones will persue… it is in this state of desparation most ALBINO killings will occur.

    The Albino being of purely unrefined state of Caucasian, posses absolutely No Magic greater than thy own flesh and bones, if thee doth not preserve greater quantity!

  3. Temilade

    April 20, 2018 at 9:15 am

    Teejay the VJ!! I’m so proud of you because I know you aren’t just saying this for the camera. You’ve definitely not allowed society pull you down with it’s nuances and you are a strong confident guy!!! Thank you for speaking out and giving hope to others out there, and don’t stop cos the future is bright yooo!!! Like your complexion sef???

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