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#BBCAfricaEye: Journalists mistaken for Ritual Killers during Secret Meeting with Suspects in Malawi | WATCH



Undercover journalists with BBC Africa Eye were almost killed by villagers in northern Malawi while investigating a series of mysterious murders.

The victims were usually beheaded and other body parts removed.

The murders were blamed on what locals called “muti” killers who are witch doctors who use the parts to make charms fro wealthy clients.

Journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas had posed as a businessman hoping to increase his wealth through “muti” magic. Him and his crew met with one Kamanga, a “muti” killer who claims to suck the blood of children to make get-rich amulets.

Kamanga and his accomplice also said they kill the children after taking their blood.

They said that they normally take the head or genitals of their victims, adding that they can break the skull to remove their victim’s brain or tongue if the client wants.

Anas and his crew were discussing with Kamanga when they were attacked by a crowd of furious villagers who thought they were the killers. They were able to escape with the help of a police officer and a chief.

The investigation was carried out by Anas and Henry Mhango but was shut down due to the unfortunate incident.


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  1. Tracy Edward

    August 15, 2018 at 2:24 pm

    We can see that Afria need Jesus Christ. This is the reason why the gospel of Christ has to be preached to all Africans to stop this killing and destory the killers and their coustomers in Jesus Name Amen. God bless Africa in Christ Jesus Amen.

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