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#LiterallyWhatsHot: “Loving Amanda” by Laju Iren is the Perfect Motivational Book For When the Going Gets Tough




Loving Amanda, is a Christian romance book written in the third person narrative. It shares with us the grass to grace story of the main character, Amanda.

There are so many things to love about this book. The message it preaches is one that everyone should condone in their daily lives, no matter their religion.

Amanda is a character that life has pelted with many bad eggs. An orphan who had no one to guide and correct her, she made terrible decisions, leaving her naive to the evils of men.

Goch, a man of God, is one with a pure heart and a supportive family. He’s been blessed with a solid upbringing and a strong faith. He is a man ready to share his faith with the world.

These two unlikely people somehow cross paths and the story that unfolds is one that will have you hurrying to read the next page.

Goch doesn’t hesitate to introduce and welcome Amanda into his life. This allowed her to be in close proximity to the people in his life, who assisted in her healing process.

Amanda slowly heals from the emotional and physical abuse she had suffered in the hands of her ex Gbenga – quite the despicable character with all the traits of an unruly Agbero.

Amanda grew into a beautiful woman, confident in herself and blessed with the love and support she deserves.

From Lagos danfo buses to hotels, hospitals, churches, offices, ice-cream parlours & restaurants, brothels and many more, this book will take you on an enlightening journey rich with characters. Where some will have you squeezing your face in disgust, the others will fill you with love, hope and a positive outlook on life.

The key message in this book is well received and heard. It is a story of redemption, reminding us not to judge because no man is holy. Rather than condemning a person, we should give them an opportunity to change. When we do this, they will find their way and be on the path of righteousness.

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Reviewed by: Lara Kareem. Lara is a big books enthusiast, aspiring writer. She is a blogger of all things (mostly books) and a lover of life. Aside from frequently getting lost in stories and talking about books, she loves her smol doggo, Benz.


  1. Joyce

    August 4, 2018 at 12:29 pm

    i read it y’all! You really should!

  2. Litblogger

    August 4, 2018 at 2:25 pm

    This book is deep. Well done Laju Iren!

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