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Big Brother Naija 2018 Housemate K.Brulé survives Major Motor Accident



Big Brother Naija 2018 Housemate K.Brulé survived a ghastly motor on the morning of November 4th, 2018. The upcoming artist took to his Instagram page to share photos and also thank God for sparing his life.

K.Brulé recounts how his car experienced a blowout which caused him to instinctively apply the brakes on his car, that was the last thing he recalls of the events.

On Sunday morning the 4th November at around 6am my car experienced a blowout instinctively causing me to apply the brakes, which is the last thing I remember.

K brule in a motor accident

He further writes on his Instagram feed how eyewitnesses saw his vehicle spin out and somersault over a road divide into oncoming traffic where he was struck by another vehicle.

Eye witnesses say my vehicle spun out and somersaulted over a road divide into oncoming traffic where I was struck by another vehicle causing my car to flip multiple times back across the road divide. Luckily no lives where lost but both vehicles are total write offs.

Lastly, K Brule thanks God for being faithful and sparing all the victims life and also indulges his followers to keep him in prayers.

I praise & thank God for being faithful & sparing our lives. Due to the nature of the crash the blame falls on me. & I have no idea how I will pay the damages and hospital bills for the other party as I’m currently owing my own hospital but at least I’m alive to worry about these things ?
please keep me in your prayers during these trying times. I may be hard to reach for a while as my phones were destroyed in the crash.

Photo Credit: Instagram | k.brule


  1. Ariere

    November 8, 2018 at 7:52 am

    Wow. Who slams the brakes during a blowout??in a blowout, the car will naturally pull to the direction of the damaged tire. what you should do is hold firmly to the steering weel, remove ur leg from the gas pedal completely, this reduce the speed of the the car automatically. Turn on ur emergency flashers and skid to the side of the road when the car is of minimal speed. The car will eventually come to a halt.

    Never and i repeat never apply the brakes during a blowout. The car will naturally flip over due to air pressure and friction, causing danger to you and other motorists.

    Pls drivers take to this life saving lesson.

  2. Felix

    November 9, 2018 at 6:55 am

    Thank God you for protecting you all the way. However NEVER exceed 100km per hour, whatever the make of your ride. From your description of the incident sounds like exceeded significantly the 100km per hour rule. Congratulations on your safety!

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