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BN Presents My Unforgettable Secondary School Valentine’s Day Experience



Who can forget secondary school in Nigeria? The teachers, our classmates, the boys/girls — all those memories cleave like ticks to a dog.

Valentine’s Day was forever an event in school. People waited with bated breaths to see who was getting what. And just before break time, when the presents began trickling in, the flowers, the perfumes, the chocolates—oh God.

Some had it special, though; easily stood out. We asked around BN HQ for team mates to share some of their memorable valentine’s day stories from secondary school, Sophia got pancakes and eggs and syrup for breakfast. Wale serenaded Obehi with the guitar, or tried to, anyway, as she hid behind a door for 45 minutes.

So what Valentine’s Day experience stood out for you? What did you do, what did you give, what did you get? Come, tell us all about it.

HOLD ON! Not now…not in the comments section today! Nope, we want to share these stories on February 14, 2019. Yup, we’ll have a post on Val’s day where we can all read and enjoy our experiences.

So, in only a few words, a few sentences or just a paragraph, share your unforgettable secondary school Valentine’s experience with us, and the name of your secondary school. Send to features(at)bellanaija(dot)com with the subject as My Unforgettable Valentine’s.


Who knows, your long lost love might just roll back around and find you.

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