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SuperModelMD: What Do I Do About My Sweat Problem?

What is most embarrassing is that I sweat so much in my armpits and even around my crotch that it soaks through my clothing in those areas, and really just all over my body.



Dear SuperModelMD,
I have an embarrassing problem — I sweat like crazy all the time. Even when it’s not hot, I sweat. When I’m not exercising or moving around too much, I sweat. What is most embarrassing is that I sweat so much in my armpits and even around my crotch that it soaks through my clothing in those areas, and really just all over my body. The problem even sometimes occurs overnight while I’m sleeping. I feel like I’ve tried everything to control it, but it’s only getting worse. It has gotten to the point that others are starting to notice too. I recently overheard a co-worker make a very rude comment about my “pit stains” and hygiene to another colleague. I’m sooo mortified! Since then, I’ve been wearing mainly black to work, so that when I do sweat, the stains are less visible. What may be causing me to sweat so much?
-Mortifying Sweat Situation

Dear Mortifying Sweat Situation,
Everyone sweats, and some people may sweat a bit more than others. But it seems that you are sweating quite excessively to the point that it is really bothering your daily life. Excessive sweating, known as hyperhidrosis, may sometimes occur secondary to an underlying medical condition. Meaning there may possibly be a health problem in the picture that is yet to be addressed contributing to all of the sweating.

Some conditions like hyperthyroidism may lead to the overproduction of thyroid hormone in the body, and these may cause one to sweat excessively. Other conditions such as menopause, diabetes, and even certain cancers like lymphoma may cause heavy sweating. Sometimes the culprit may even be lurking right in your medicine cabinet. There are some medications (for example, certain blood pressure and antidepressant medications) with the side effect profile of causing increased sweating.

Make sure your doctor is always aware of all the medications you are taking. There are actually quite a number of health problems that may potentially cause someone to sweat a lot. So your doctor will need to get a detailed history from you, complete with a physical examination, and possibly do some blood work and other tests. The evaluation is necessary to determine if there is indeed a medical cause for all the sweating, so that the condition may be treated and managed accordingly.

Dr. Nesochi Okeke-Igbokwe is a Nigerian-American medical doctor and health expert. An internal medicine physician, speaker, and blogger, Dr. Nesochi has been featured and interviewed about a wide range of health-related topics by popular media outlets including CNN, Vogue, CNBC Africa, and more. Learn more about her on and her blog


  1. Chichi

    May 2, 2019 at 5:32 pm

    I think these are the following things you can help resolve this before visiting the doctor;

    1. Reduce the amount of body cream you use. Most body creams make you sweat more in hot weather. Maybe you should try not wearing body cream for a day and see if it helps.

    2. Could be a thick facial cream you use? Go for a lighter one if so and use talcum powder to prevent sweating. Perhaps you can use less foundation if its oil based which again attributes to sweating?

    3. For the crotch, I find that cotton pants make u sweat more. Try lace pants which will allow air molecules to pass through your body thus lessening the heat.

    4. Be sure to have a cool bath before you sleep and don’t rub any cream on your body. Get a fan that works without light if there is no electricity.

    5.Lastly perhaps you are a bit anxious or stressed during the day which can lead to sweating. Find out why and relax. Try breathing in and out when you feel stressed.

    6. I can imagine sweating may cause body odour so be sure to get anti persperant which will control sweat under the armpit.


    Doctor Chichi

  2. Chichi

    May 3, 2019 at 8:32 am

    Here are some solutions for people with heavy sweating challenges that may help. I posted this yesterday but it seems it was not published:

    1. Use antiperspirant deodorant to block sweat and prevent odours.
    2. Try lace underwear especially lace thongs as against full cotton pants to let out air molecules and reduce sweat.
    3. Use less body cream or not at all as this causes one to sweat in the heat.Some body and facial creams have heavy oils.
    4. Use less facial moisturizer and avoid layers of foundation and concealer as a daily practice.
    5. Perhaps you are stressed or anxious about something during the day. Find out what it is that causes your anxiety.
    6. Have a shower at night and avoid body cream as this will make you sweat at night.
    7. Have a standby fan that can work without electricity (after being charged) to provide cooling to your body.

    Hope this helps by God’s special grace.

    From Doctor Chichi

  3. chi

    May 3, 2019 at 10:17 am

    There is also a new product in Nigeria called Tufosix underarms sweat pad. These pads are very absorbent and would help soak up the sweat from your armpits. check them out on facebook and online (Tufosix). Thank me later

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