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Agbero Senator, #BBNaija Begins & Another Rape Allegation | Here’s What Went Down this Week

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This week has been gbas gbos gas. It waited for no one, just gave us back to back to back. We weren’t even really over the past week, were still reeling over the COZA protests and its aftermath, when this week’s wahala tumbled in. Let’s get right into it then.

#BBNaija Begins

Since February we’ve been waiting, and, although it’s June, it’s finally here. The biggest show on Nigerian TV.

This year, we got 21 housemates who are supposed to pepper us, and if one thing is sure, it’s that they are completely different from last year’s

First off, they’re so tall this year. And the accents! They also get extra points because they are all so fine. No, guys, these people are fine. Kai! Even the ones that aren’t so fine are still very fine. Nawa.

Anyway, it’s still the early days. The accents have started dropping small small (Omashola), and, in cases where it hasn’t dropped, it is fluctuating like bad fluorescent (Ella). Let’s see what the following weeks hold.

Senator Agbero

Abi are we wrong? Even agbero won’t slap a woman over and over because she simply says “take it easy.” Na real wa for these our elected officials sha.

You’ve probably heard what happened, so no point going over it again. It’s the rumours that have been swirling around since his apology that have us bothered. While we have no idea if there’s any truth to them, they certainly are disconcerting.

Then there’s the police’s reaction to the entire issue, which makes one imagine if they’re either ignorant of what exactly their job is, or if they just don’t care. They say they will seek “resolution.” Please, where in the law is “resolution” the solution to assault?

#MeToo in Nigeria

Busola Dakolo‘s rape allegations against the senior pastor of COZA Biodun Fatoyinbo have opened the floodgates, if only just a little. Nigerian women have begun sharing stories of abuse suffered in the hands of men. They are refusing the shame and giving it back to those who deserve it: their abusers.

A self-styled bishop and convener of the New Testament Group, a Christian fellowship, Ken Ifeanyi, is one of those who has been accused of raping several women.

The man who started all these himself, Biodun Fatoyinbo, has again been accused of rape, this time by a former member of the staff of his church. He’s stepped down “temporarily” from preaching, but we know how that’s supposed to end: he’ll quietly begin preaching again when people have moved on.

A few pastors have spoken directly about the issue, and some others have alluded to rape while sending him their support and prayers.

More women have also been speaking, telling stories of years of abuse, unearthing buried truths.

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I was at my Mother's today… There had been issues, since my childhood. But that story, for another time… So, I was asking her questions, out of pain.. Then, this conversation below took place: Me: "Do you know that your cousin, when you left me at shdgrigofn, molested me?" I was in primary school. Over 30 years ago… I remember everything clearly… I was confused. What would I say? How would I say it? Her: Eyes wide! Me: "Do you know that Mr. Thshdudidj nearly raped me? The one that used to come to your shop…" Her: Eyes wider, mouth agape, "why didn't you tell me?" Me: "Tell you? How? When there was no connection and it showed you didn't like me? Kò possible nao!" Me: "That man that used to come and take beer and peppersoup in your shop, after I served him one day, brought out his penis that I should play with." I was like 14-15. I ran away from the shop. You didn't bother to ask why, you only punished me by depriving me of food for days because, "that's where you get money from." Her: No words Me: "Do you remember that time when…." And so on Her: No words, looking what-do-I-say kind of. I love her! We talked about other things… I felt a lot better. The anger I'd been feeling for days subsided… I'm still healing. I was abused a lot. Different ways at different stages. I almost got used to it. I am still healing. Because I SPEAK! It hurts but I SPEAK! This is my story. This is my song. Told in this way I choose. Sung in this form I deem fit. But I SPEAK! For the sake of my kind, who have been made "sick" by abuse of all sorts. Not for you? Please move on. I'm not begging for "fanhood"! It is not only for Busola's sake that we are doing this. It is for our women, our daughters, our sons, our future! She murdered her privacy to SPEAK. She risked it all… Yes, I believe her. You won't listen to my music again? If it is because of this, it's ok. I wish you well. But you will be replaced by millions others from here, from distant shores and islands! Where I'm going is far. Everything in Creation backs me up as I stand and SPEAK for the TRUTH, only. SPEAK, Child, therefrom your healing begins! Enjoy the journey!❤

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Ruga Settlement

In a bid to end the herdsmen killings in the country, the federal government decided allocating lands for grazing in every state was the best solution, rather than, you know, having the murderers suffer consequences for murder.

Laws exist for a reason, and if people don’t suffer consequences for their actions, there will be no reason for them to stop.

Anyway, the herdsmen have threatened the government, giving them an ultimatum of 30 days to reverse the suspension of the Ruga Settlement, or else they shouldn’t be expected to allow Southerners enjoy the north.

Let’s see what happens.

Maria Okan & Olamide Rumours

If you’re on Twitter or anywhere on the internet, you’ve probably heard the rumours, too. That Maria Okan’s is pregnant (that much is true) and the father is new dad Olamide.

There’s even more, and it involves ₦2 million, an agreed-upon abortion, and a breach of the said agreement.

So far, the parties involved haven’t said anything. But the internet has said a lot.

The NYTimes & its Tired Idea of Africa

It’s funny. The late Kenyan author Binyavanga Wainana wrote “How to Write About Africa” how many years ago and we still get this from the New York Times?

So the New York Times put up a LinkedIn ad for an opening for Nairobi Bureau Chief position, and the wording of the ad pretty much explains the stories they expect out of the East African region.

There’s much talk about the “seas” and “deserts” and “forests” and “changing rhythms,” and let’s not forget the “unexpected stories of hope.”

A video made by Kenyan women spoofs the ad, and it’s incredibly hilarious. It’s three women acting out how white people still see Africans.

And that’s all for this week! If we missed anything, per usual, please let us know in the comment section. Have a great weekend!