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#LiterallyWhatsHot: “Perfect Teens Do (Not) Exist” by Gbenga Obakin is the Best Guide for Youths in Today’s World

As the title implies, it leaves the teenager to decide if perfect teens do exist or not. And what they can do about life as teenagers.

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“I want to pass on to you, the lessons I have learnt,” these are the words clearly stated by the author, Gbenga Obakin.

Gbenga Obakin was raised in Nigeria. He moved to the United Kingdom for a Master of Business Administration program, and currently works as a financial crime consultant with a vast experience in youth mentoring and coaching.

The words in this book are not new. It is the way they are told that makes it different. It has been designed to serve as a workbook for teenagers everywhere in the world. As the title implies, it leaves the teenager to decide if perfect teens do exist or not. And what they can do about life as teenagers.

My favourite thing about this book is how concise it is with fun examples to better understand the lessons taught. It is the sort of book you can read in one night. And then you would want to reread and find something new, or have a better understanding of a lesson and principle taught.

The principles are accompanied by examples and stories that you will remember from your childhood or have watched or heard of as a teenager. One of my favourite was using the movie Finding Nemo to teach vital lessons.

Following a brief introduction, the author dives right into the book with very clear chapters and headings. The book will answer questions and some more about peer pressure and how to resist them, and then touch on the idea and concern of finding one’s purpose, clearly showing an understanding of the need for teenagers to find in today’s world their footing, and as Gbenga said, their inner voice.

And then one learns about drugs, alcohol and addiction, and about developing the right attitude.

After every chapter, there are questions and short tasks that bring the reader to consider the lessons taught and map out a plan to living the principles learned.

Too many times, people become adults and forget what it was like being teenagers. They are too quick to dish out lessons about how teenagers should live their lives, leaving them feeling misunderstood. Gbenga Obakin, in his book, seems as though he is standing on a bridge, connecting the experiences of being a teenager and the lessons he has learned into adulthood.

Of his book, Gbenga says “is a book written to guide every young person. Think of it as the advice you would get from someone who wishes you well. It is a compass that will come in handy in this fast-changing and technology-driven world. The words of wisdom come from years of experience in mentoring youths. This book aims to take you by the hand through life while providing needed guidance.” There could be no truer description of this book Perfect Teens Do (Not) Exist.

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