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Beyoncé’s Gift to Us, DJ Cuppy’s Ice Cream Trip & Wizkid and Jada Pollock | Here’s What Went Down this Week



I think we can agree that most of what trended this past week have been good. Sure, some ugly reared its head. But, even some of that was out of the good, and others weren’t exactly ugly, but were things we honestly needed to consider. Let’s get right down to it.

CAN & COZA, Birds of a Feather

It’s unfortunate that we have to start with one of the ugly. The Christian Association of Nigeria, its FCT and North Central branches, anyway, paid a visit to the Commonwealth of Zion Assembly. In case you’ve been living under a rock, that’s the church headed by Biodun Fatoyinbo, who was accused of rape, by multiple women. The reason for these CAN representatives visit? To let the church know they were standing with the accused-rapist.

Of course, Nigerians expressed their disappointment. People made it clear it wasn’t the accusers, the victims who were a threat to the church in Nigeria. It was the accused, the rapists.

Thankfully, the national arm of CAN quickly dissociated itself from the “solidarity visit.” All is well with the world again. Well, maybe not all.

Hodan Nalayeh’s Death

This was another one of the ugly. Hodan Nalayeh, an icon to many, was killed by gunmen who attacked a hotel in Somalia. Hodan, who wanted to tell different stories about Somalia, died at the hands of those she wanted the world to forget. It was painful.

Hodan saw beauty where others saw the single story of war. She was determined to tell that story, and her life remains a source of inspiration. Her legacy is a reminder that although there may be all this bad in the world, there’s some good in it, too.


That’s it. That’s the header. Everything else falls under, including the movie she had only a small role in, and the album that people won’t stop talking about. Beyoncé!

First, we saw her meet the Duchess of Sussex publicly for the first in photos that oozed with grace.

Then we heard all our favourite stars (well, most) would be featuring in her companion album for the movie “The Lion King,” which, in our opinion, is the best thing to come out of that movie’s existence.

Then she shared the music video to the movie’s soundtrack “Spirit” which came with all the African fashion and its references to Yoruba divinity.

Then the companion album came out and we collectively lost all our s**t. Lost! See, hearing Wizkid harmonise with Beyoncé will remain one of those things we’ll look back to and smile. All our stars killed it! (Bankulli‘s outro on Otherside was also a thing of magic.)

East Africa Forgotten

Given that The Lion King is inspired by and set in East Africa, it truly was a disappointment to see musicians from that part of the world unrepresented on the companion album.

Artists like Victoria Kimani and Diamond Platnumz have been killing it all over Africa for years, so we can’t say they’re unknown. We wish we’d seen them on the album.

Wizkid and (Former?) Manager Jada Drama

We’re not sure if this was ugly or not. But we woke on Wednesday to screenshots from Jada Pollock’s Instagram stories claiming our fave Wizkid had been physically assaulting her. We were devastated. Surely, he couldn’t be allowed to get away with it.

But on Friday Jada Pollock returned and said her Instagram had been hacked. Sure, we were relieved. Still, there’s still some questions to be asked. We’re just not sure which ones.

Face App

We’re skeptical about this and you should know why: those terms and conditions and the origin of the app (Russia). Dashing your data to some Russian firm is … errr, let’s just thank God for life.

Still, everyone jumped on it, and we thought it was hilarious to see people believe that they’ll still have their hair in 40/50 years.

Trump’s Racism

Staple racism, that’s what the United State president Donald Trump displayed when he asked four congresswomen of colour to “go back to their country.” Of course, the only reason why he thinks the United States is not their country is because they’re coloured. It’s funny, because Trump’s wife, Melania Trump, is also a naturalised United States citizen. But she’s white, so we guess the US is her country.

While many were afraid to say the word racist, many others were happy to, thankfully.

DJ Cuppy is Forever Goals

DJ Cuppy stopped over in Italy just to have some ice cream.

Yes. That’s what happened. She was craving some. ice cream, so she stopped over in Italy to have some.

See, let’s just thank God for life.

And that’s it for this week. Of course, if we missed anything, please let us know in the comment section. Have a great weekend!

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