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DJ Neptune sets the House on ? & Team MerIke wins The Munch It Challenge on #BBNaija Day 41



The Scapegoats

Having had enough with the Pepper Dem gang constant disregard of the House rules, Biggie decided to make a scapegoat of a few of them.

Time and time again, Biggie has warned the Pepper Dem gang about their flagrant disregard of the House rules and now, he has decided to make an example of some of them.

Scapegoats Assemble

Frodd, Sir Dee, Joe, Tacha, Omashola, Mike, Enkay, Elozonam and Jackye will not be allowed to participate in the Veto Games and Head of House Challenge in the coming week as punishment for flouting Biggie’s instruction not to enter the two main bedrooms. As much as it might hurt these Housemates, it’s worthy to note that they did bring this on themselves. The scary part is that Biggie still promised more actions on this issue and also address all the other House infringements. Are we witnessing a new side to Biggie? Has he gone from the all-loving Big Brother to a no-nonsense having Big Brother? Which other members of the Pepper Dem gang do you think deserve to feel Biggie’s wrath?

1565426930 56 screenshot 2019 08 10 at 9.44.15 am

Toying with the Tiger

In what looked like a clearly thought out plan, Joe took his antics a little too far by picking on… wait for it: Tacha! He called out her name repeatedly, much to her annoyance. Unsatisfied with his teasing game, he went over to Tacha’s seat. What looked like a mere joke became a flame of fury. Perhaps Joe had heard how untouchable she was and decided to see it at play. It wasn’t too long before he found out that the rumours are true: Tacha is fierce! “You are a stupid fool! Get the fu*k out of my face,” she yelled, irritated by Joe’s antics.

Joe wasn’t relenting as he attempted to reach for her to which she responded in rage, “If you try to touch me, I will hit you!” Tacha must have been really angry for her to be willing to get a Strike just to pass a vengeful message to Joe. What could have resulted in a real fight between the two was stopped by Khafi and Venita.

1565426874 56 screenshot 2019 08 10 at 9.43.17 am

“I want to eat in peace.” – Seyi

Had the other Housemates not intervened on time, would the two have engaged in a free-for-all? Well, we will never know. Biggie’s House is full of the unexpected after all. But it was really the intervention of HoH Seyi that quenched the inferno that was about to consume the duo. The leader of the House did not fail to sound it loud and clear, “Can I please just eat in peace?” And truly, who dared disturb a king when he was eating? There was silence afterward.

We wonder how dynamics in the House will change with this friction between Joe and Tacha. Will things ever be the same between them again or will they settle their quarrel and move on?

Having had enough with the Pepper Dem gang constant disregard of the House rules, Biggie decided to make a scapegoat of a few of them.

Team MerIke Wins The Munch It Challenge

With 2 Million Naira up for grabs, the Housemates took on the Munch It Challenge with maximum effort.

The Pepper Dem gang took on the Munch It Challenge today for the prize of two million Naira and dinner on a canoe. The Challenge which started shortly after the Housemates woke up included several Challenges to test the Housemates’ creativity, wit, and dance moves.

1565454289 56 screenshot 2019 08 10 at 5.21.28 pm

Pairing Up

The Munch It Challenge required that the Housemates pair up before they get started. The female Housemates had the honours of picking which of the male Housemates they wanted as partners.

Here are the pairs:

Venita Gedoni
Diane Frodd
Tacha Elozonam
Enkay Mike
Cindy Omashola
Mercy Ike
Jackye Joe
Khafi Sir Dee
Esther Seyi

Let’s Get It Started

The first task was the Munch It Art Challenge. Housemates were asked to create a stunning piece of art using Munch It. The fun part of this Challenge was that while one Housemate created the art the other partner was given the freedom to distract the other Housemates.

The Playful Distractors

Some of the Housemates had way too much fun playing their part. Venita, Seyi, and Diane took their role quite seriously. This is what happens when two million Naira is at stake. From grabbing Esther in tender regions to spanking Ike’s bum and tickling Gedoni’s side, the Trio surely had fun trying to throw the rest of the competition after balance. They did the job of distracting so well; the rest of the Housemates gave them a rave review after the Task was over.

Who’s Got the Move?

Up next was the Dance Challenge. Housemates picked a dance direction from Cultural, Contemporary and Hip Hop Dance. The Housemates developed a comprehensive dance choreography based on their chosen direction and also in line with the Munch It song. The Task sounded easy and it would have been if the pairs weren’t asked to both dance both dressed in the same onesie.

1565452892 34 screenshot 2019 08 10 at 2.35.14 pm

Trouble in the Camp

It started with Omashola and Cindy who got into an argument over the dance sequence to follow and who should take the lead. The argument almost descended into a shouting match as both parties thought the other party was wrong. They eventually got it right and moved past their initial disagreement.

1565452842 56 screenshot 2019 08 10 at 2.42.18 pm

Ike and Mercy, on the other hand, had issues that had more to do with personal issues than the dance. Frustrated by their unimpressive dance moves, she expressed that she was tired and insisted that she would rather play this game alone. Ike’s suggestion of stealing dance moves was rebuffed by Mercy.

1565452792 56 screenshot 2019 08 10 at 3.38.55 pm

Queen of Dance Made an Entrance

Superstar Dance Choreographer, Kaffy paid a visit to the House to show the Pepper Dem gang how it’s done. One by One, Kaffy took time to coach and give each of the Pepper Dem pair dance tips in their quest to deliver a spectacular show.

1565452734 56 screenshot 2019 08 10 at 3.46.58 pm

The Munch It Pair of the Week

Despite the challenges the MerIke pair had, they emerged winners of the Munch It challenge. The pair who received the highest votes were treated to an exquisite dinner in the Big Brother Naija House before the start of the Saturday Night Party. Congratulations guys!

1565481931 34 screenshot 2019 08 10 at 10.15.15 pm

DJ Neptune, Fireboy and Joeboy Bring the Storm This Weekend

This weekend, the Big Brother Naija stage will have not just one, not two, but four Nigerian superstars gracing the stage. Simi, DJ Neptune, Fireboy and Joeboy are set to bring down the House (no pun intended).

Sounds Of Neptune

DJ Neptune – real name Patrick Imohiosen has been queued up to unleash greatness at the Saturday Night Party. A powerful brand to reckon with in the entertainment industry, DJ Neptune spins different genres of music- Afro-beats, Dancehall, Funky House Music and Hip Hop. His ability to thrill the audience is something we are looking forward to tonight. So, if your dancing shoes are dusty, we suggest you clean them up and get ready for the dance waves about to hit you from DJ Neptune.

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Flame on Fireboy

Fireboy DML of the YBNL family has been keeping his fans entertained with his upbeat songs (‘Jealous’ and ‘What if I say’) and he will be doing pretty much the same on the Big Brother Naija stage on Sunday. Known for his incredible vocal range and lyrical mastery, Fireboy is sure going to ignite flames in the hearts of many. My people, let’s go there.

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Fast-rising Nigerian Singer and songwriter Joeboy is on the line up for the Live Show on Sunday. Known for his song ‘baby’, we are ready for him to come to Pepper us. Are you ready?

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Source: Instagram – @deejayneptune, @symplysimi, @fireboydml and @joeboyofficial

Party Groove With DJ Neptune

The dance floor literally shook as the Pepper Dem crew heat it up with their hot dance moves tonight.

DJ Neptune showed us that he wasn’t of this planet as he served the Housemates some hot mix that shook the dancefloor at the Saturday Night Party.

1565487342 34 rock

A Touch Of Black And White

The theme for this week’s Saturday Night Party was black and white. Thanks to SL Clothing who came through for the Pepper Dem Ladies with some fabulous combination that set the mood for the party rolling. The men were not left out as they also got a treat from Ad-Line clothing. Trust the Housemates, they nailed their looks and we are certain they got some of us drooling.

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Life Of The Party

What’s a Saturday Night Party without Pepper? Kudos to DJ Neptune who brought the heat to the Big Brother Naija House. On their part, the Housemates were happy to set the dance floor on fire with their moves. The grinding and the waist whine game gave the impression that the Pepper Dem crew were not here to play. Who would blame them? After a very busy week, they were glad to let their hair down and have all the fun they could get.

From these tweets, you will see we were not the only ones feeling the heat.

Magnetic Pull

At this point, we might dare to say that DJ Neptune pulled some magic stunts on the turntable that had Esther and Frodd gravitating towards each other. There was virtually no space in between these two as they moved to the beats the DJ dropped. Did someone ask about Venita? Well, as the gbedu entered Frodd’s body, he didn’t cast a glance in Venita’s direction oh. Venita didn’t seem bothered as she enjoyed herself and kept Peppering us with her moves.

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We felt the heat from all quarters tonight and we are anticipating more from the Saturday Night Parties to come.

Source: Twitter – @OmynksP and @dardisonikay

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