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Adenike Oyetunde Inspires Viewers on “The Power of Owning Your Story” in Adaora Mbelu’s Lumination Vlog



On this episode of The Lumination Show, Adenike Oyetunde discusses finding out at a young age that she had cancer, losing her limb, and her journey to becoming all that she believes she can become in this world, against all odds. She also talks about why she started Amputees United Initiative and the impact that this initiative has had over the years.

Adenike bares her heart out in this inspiring conversation with Lumination host, Adaora Mbelu.

Here are a few points she made:

– The biggest fear that people have when they lose a limb, is acceptance. Will I be employed? There are laws on paper, but they don’t always work in practice.
– My biggest advocacy when it comes to prosthetic limbs is that not everybody needs one.
– I’m not propelled by fear, because I better understand now what living in the moment of my life means.
– I understand that my legacy is not how much I leave in my will, but what I do every day.

Watch the video below:

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