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Longing For Some Special Daddy-Daughter Activity? We’ve Got You!



Nothing beats a healthy relationship and good rapport between fathers and daughters. Unfortunately, a lot of Nigerian fathers don’t have that relationship with their daughters. There are so many activities you can do to strengthen your Daddy-Daughter bond, and it’s not just at the wedding dance that you’ll spend time with your baby girl.

Yea yea, every man gushes about wanting a female daughter, treating her right and all, but let’s not pretend that we don’t know the koko of the matter when it comes to Nigerian parents and their mode of parenting. Abi is it not those ones that won’t tell you sorry when they offend you, but will rather say “Nkechi, I bought ice cream for you”. Yinmu

But you know fathers and daughters can have the perfect relationship, right? Every day cannot just be for arguments and dishing advice on how not to have a boyfriend. If you are a father in Nigeria, there are a million and one fun things you can do with your grown-up daughter and as usual, we have come to save the day.

Talk business

Honestly, this is fun! Many fathers and daughters always have contrasting opinions when it comes to business. When daughters are talking about the latest gadgets and technology that can be used to grow the business, some fathers will be talking business models that were functioning during Lord Lugard’s regime. Communication, generally, is an amazingly fun way to bond with your daughter.


Ladies have amazing eyes for colours – no shade to the men. So if as a father, you are a lover of arts and painting, then grab your daughter and go painting. You can even do a drawing and painting competition – of course, there’s no price attached. Just draw away, paint your drawings and have fun. On another note, you can both decide to go shopping for artifacts and paintings.


It’s not every time you should stretch your legs in the sitting room and be demanding for food. Once in a while, join your daughter in the kitchen. In fact, you can have a cooking competition to see who can cook that particular meal better. If you don’t want to go that far, why not fry the plantain while your daughter makes the rice.

Go shopping

Baba, you need a new pair of shoes and now is the time to go get it. Shopping is not a ‘lady thing’, everyone needs to shop for things at some point. In fact, this December is the perfect time to shop for clothes and everything you’ll need for this season. So why not write a list of things you want to buy and go get it with your girl.

A boat ride or a show

Papa and daughter on a boat cruise is just so… perfect! Pack a small picnic bag when going and eat away on water. Life is not so hard, is it? If you are the ‘new generation’ kind of dad – those fathers that still pretend to be young, go learn how to dance zanku in one of the many concerts.

Go strolling

Living in this world where sexual harassment and assault is still very much at large. Chances are that your daughter may love strolling, but cannot do it often out of fear. A night stroll is the perfect time to hold your daughter’s hand and have a deep conversation with her on the road. Because both of you are relaxed and happy, there’s a greater chance that she will open up to you concerning certain areas of her life.

P.S – Suya and a chilled drink does the trick!

Travel by road

As interesting as this is, you need to be very careful. You know how it is. If you are going for your next business trip, you can take your daughter along. You might not necessarily travel by road because of security reasons, but sight-seeing is one of the best ways to bond better while having fun at the same time.

Head over to the museum

Children are tired of hearing “during my time, so so so and so happened”. Instead of telling stories upon stories, now is the perfect time to back up all those olden days tales with images.

The Cinema!

Have you watched Farming? MUNA nko? There are amazing movies showing in the cinemas this December and you sure don’t want to miss them. Take your ‘baby girl’ out to the cinemas. Yes, we know she’s a big girl and probably has her own money now, but you’re still her papa and can still choose to spoil her.

Talk Feminism

Funny? Have you ever heard a father and daughter talk/argue about feminism? Feminism, homosexuality and Nigerian politics is one subject that bonds Nigerians together. Fathers and daughters are not exempted!

Let’s get a little serious here, many father-daughter relationships in Nigeria are quite strained. There’s this strictness and uptightness that hovers between them. The above tips will help you both loosen up and perhaps communicate freely. As a father, it is very important to create a bond with your daughters and build that healthy relationship, right from when they are young. Don’t wait till they grow old before you try to communicate with them. If you have already grown kids, it’s not too late. Go talk and go have fun!

Have other ideas? Tell us. We can’t wait to hear it.

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