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We’re Approaching Office Christmas Party Season, So Here Are a Few Tips on How to Behave at these Events

Every party, including your office party, has etiquette that must be followed.



December is here and it’s the season of parte after parte. For many employees, their body system has shut down for the year and they can’t just wait for their office to officially close. If you’re this kind of employee, you better calm down, we still have many days to go before you say bye-bye to your office for the year. So if your body system has ‘shut down’, goan wake it up.

We know you can’t wait to dig into the orishirishi delicacy that you are already cooking in your head for the festive season, and you can’t wait to rock this December and go partying, but work is work. You gerrit?

Talking about partying…

Many offices are going to be having their end-of-the-year party and all the employees are gonna be turning up. For many ladies and gents, this is the perfect time to give them and appear sharp and beautiful. Some will even be in competition: “I have to dress like this, so I can show Tamedu that I am better than him”. For others, it is the time to chop the company’s money by eating plenty food, overfeeding themselves and still pack takeaways home.

If you are the latter, we are advising you to abort that intended mission now. Every party, including your office party, has etiquette that must be followed. Haha, before you start getting scared that they will fire you if you don’t follow this, know that these rules are not punishable by law. We are just trying to help your ministry so that your colleagues’ respect for you will not drop and they won’t start talking trash about you after the party.

If your office will be having a Christmas party, congratulations, not all employees are as lucky as you are. In fact, some companies are still owing their workers salaries, all this talk about party is but a dream to them. Sorry to you people o. We can’t relate.

Anyway, the party is almost here, what should you do?

Don’t be late

Bikonu, don’t show up when the food has almost finished and then start getting angry that they did not remain for you or keep your own specially – as par you’re VVIP. Besides, it is even very rude that your boss and ogas at the top will arrive at 5 pm, then you’ll start strolling in at 6:30. Punctuality matters everywhere – and yes… at parties too.

Come looking good

If the dress code does not specifically state that you can wear your native attire, please don’t wear agbada to a dinner. It is always nice to follow the dress code for the party. If the theme is to go ‘bougie’, then dress bougie. If you are to wear white, then wear white. Don’t try to stand out by going off-colour or dressing differently from the rest.

Can you bring gifts?

This is not compulsory, but it will be lovely to bring gifts for your boss or team members. If your company has very few employees, then you can get gifts for them all. If you cannot afford it, don’t bother.

P.S – Don’t collect gifts on credit or empty your bank account because you want to impress anyone.

Don’t be everywhere

You don’t have to be everywhere like MTN network. Yea yea, you might be so excited and want to be noticed and all, but then, oversabi will spoil the whole fun. Take fun photos, gist with your colleagues, but don’t be a nuisance.

Now that the party has started…

Can you please drop that phone?!

Pressing your phone during the party is so… urrgghh! Aside from being disrespectful, pressing your phone shows a lack of interest in the party. So why are you there?

Let your hair down

Eat, drink and be merry! Don’t be so uptight at your office party, it is not the time for files or office reports. If you are a boss, the party is not the right time to ask that intern to go make a photocopy or draft a letter. Have fun and let everyone have fun too.

Don’t put food inside the nylon

Now now, if you are someone who loves food, it is best you eat whatever you want to eat there. But it is the height of shamelessness to start stuffing food into a bag or nylon or pouring drinks into a bottle. Talking about drinks… don’t get drunk o. There’ll be lots of wine and if possible – beer. Don’t assume that because it’s a party, your boss(es) will not be watching out for your behaviour or attitude. If you get drunk and start saying things you are not meant to say, you will be forced to dust your pali and start looking for a job when January comes.

Don’t eat with your hand

If you are a bush person, start learning how to unbush yourself right away Don’t goan disgrace your ancestors by eating with your hand when you’re supposed to eat with a spoon. If you don’t know how to use cutleries, use your spoon jejeli in place of a knife and fork. If you must use it, then learn and practice before that day. Don’t use fork and knife and then half of the rice will pour on your shirt/dress before it reaches your mouth. A word is enough for the…

Don’t snitch

Don’t try to get into the good books of your boss by warming up to her/him and then start talking bad about your colleague(s). It might bounce back to hurt you.

Say ‘thank-you’

Before you leave, thank your company (and all those who organized the party). Showing appreciation is good manners. A simple “thank you for organizing this party, it’s well appreciated” will go a long way.

Most importantly, just be yourself and have fun.

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  1. didi

    December 11, 2019 at 4:27 pm

    This article is hilarious. BN staff, come and read o, im sure the writer is subbing her colleagues (BN staff)lmao.

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