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BN Hot Topic: This Person Wants their Influencer Mom to Stop Sharing their Photos, What Do You Think?



Have you ever felt exploited by your parents? Maybe this can ring a bell!

Remember those days when your uncle/aunt or any visitor pays a visit to your house and before they leave, you’re gifted a little sum of cash but your sweet parents, (especially the mums) will always nicely collect the money from you.

Yeah! Well, that’s one way most Nigerian children were exploited by their parents. But that’s not our main focus here, this person needs your opinion on what to do about their influencer mum who always wants to take photos of them which they find very embarrassing.

Here’s the full gist from Reddit:

I am a teenager and my mom is kinda famous on Instagram and blogging. She had a mommy blog all when I was growing up and of course me and my sister were always involved.

It sucks because there’s so much our there about us and it’s what’s gonna come up when I’m looking for a job, when I’m dating, when anyone looks up my name.

I found a website that will print custom jackets, print all over the front and back and arms… And I ordered some hoodies that say a bunch of phrases all over them.

“No photos” “no videos” “i do not consent to be photographed” “no means no” “respect my privacy” “no cameras” “no profiting off my image”

It sounds silly but it looks pretty sick actually. I got one for me and one for my nine year old sister who’s started to not always want photos.

And I guess the idea is that my mom can’t take good looking pictures, even candid ones, with us in the hoodies without them having a pretty strong message that we don’t want to be in pictures.

My mom was mad when they showed up, and really mad when I’m wearing mine. Like she says she just wants pictures to remember my young years by, she won’t post ones without asking

But I know that’s a whole mess anyway; she always says that and then negotiates me into letting her post, like either by saying that’s how she makes income so if I want money for something, to stop arguing about pictures. Or posting without asking and then saying I thought it would be ok because you’re face wasn’t visible / you’re just in the background, etc.

And I’m always like “no you didn’t THINK. if you thought at all you’d remember what I said I want. No new pictures of me or mentions of me online. Remove all pictures that include me that you’ve ever posted. and delete any writing that mentions me.

I am just so fed up, and upset that my mom is mad at me for wearing my new hoodie everyday. She’s mad I won’t take it off for any event and thinks it’s inappropriate to wear to certian things.

I know it’s really weird looking but it feels like my only option.

Edit to add a couple more things… She also says all the mentions of consent and “no means no” and “this body is my own” (sorry forgot to mention that one earlier) imply something more inappropriate and that it is really inappropriate to wear those words out in public. We’ve also fought about me wearing it to family events and school events with a generally dressier dress code, because it looks like a “gangster hoody”. I don’t know what to say to that, but I don’t agree

AITA for always wearing my no photos hoodie?

Let’s talk about this?

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