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#AtHomeWithBN: Join Mrs Kush as she Shares Tips on How to Make Great Meals with Limited Ingredients | April 10 



Hey BNers,

Our daily InstaLive series #AtHomeWithBN, has featured quite a number of experts in various fields, enlightening us on various topics that are meant to help us through the current coronavirus situation the world is facing.

As lockdowns and social distancing measures continues, to try to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus, many people’s normal meal routines and habits have been disrupted. But it’s still possible to enjoy healthy, nutritious, and satisfying meals whether you’re cooking for one or for a family and you can make it happen with what you have at home.

If you want to learn more, join Mrs Kush @lovemrskush, a celebrity chef and food blogger. as she takes us through how to whip up delicious meals using the recipes you have at home. You don’t want to miss this.

Date: Friday, April 10, 2020.
Time: 2 PM.
Venue@bellanaijaonline InstaLive.

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