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Elizabeth Ajetunmobi: 8 Easy Ways to Maximize Productivity Right Now

You don’t have to take every meeting. If what needs to be said can be sent in an email, choose the email. As much as meetings provide a sense of community, they can be time-consuming and distracting.

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There’s a lot of uncertainty in the world right now and there are a lot of things that you can’t control. However, you can still get a good grip on the things within your control. Whether you’re working from home, going to the office a few days a week, or still trying to find your place, post lockdown, here are easy ways to keep things running smoothly:

Make your workspace work for you

Having a designated spot to work is very important. You can work from your bed or your couch if you want to but having a particular spot in the house that is just for work helps you get into the zone mentally. It will help you focus better and you can decide not to leave that spot until you finish specific tasks.

You can also design your space in a way that motivates you. Get the motivational posters, invest in that ergonomic chair, service the AC, buy the scent diffuser, and make your space the ideal area for you to do your best work.

Take regularly scheduled breaks

All work and no play could make you unproductive. Working for long periods of time without breaks makes you feel stressed, fatigued, and you lose concentration easily. Taking short breaks gives you the chance to move around a bit, think clearly, ease stress, and refresh your mind.

Eliminate distractions

If you want to concentrate and stay productive, you need to get rid of distractions, both physical and digital. If you have kids at home, you can get them on a schedule that allows you to work while they are occupied. Let the people you live with know how you prefer to work so they don’t cause distractions.

Turn off notifications on your devices. Constantly attending to your phone is distracting and you are likely to drift into social media and lose track of time. You can attend to your messages and emails during your scheduled breaks.

Do not multitask

Contrary to popular belief, multitasking might not be the best way to get things done. Our brains are simply not wired to focus on multiple tasks at the same time. Instead, prioritize tasks and tackle them individually. Keep track of time to make sure you are not getting lost on any task.

Set a plan for the day

Create a daily to-do list. This will allow you to be intentional about what you want to accomplish in the day. Being able to tick things off the list will also give you a sense of accomplishment that will motivate you to tackle more tasks.

Convert some Zoom calls to emails

You don’t have to take every meeting. If what needs to be said can be sent in an email, choose the email. As much as meetings provide a sense of community, they can be time-consuming and distracting.

Educate your staff

If you have domestic staff, they are even more essential now that you’re spending more time at home. Let your staff know exactly what you need from them. You can also put them through upskill courses to ensure you get the best out of their professional services.

Get enough sleep

Your brain needs to rest. You can’t keep working and expect it not to lag. Sleep deficiency makes you less efficient and more likely to make mistakes. Taking care of yourself will maintain your health and keep you functioning at optimum productivity levels.

Trying any or all of these will help you get things done better. You have to be intentional about being more productive. You also have to be consistent to see the results you’re looking for. Have fun getting more productive.

Elizabeth Ajetunmobi is a Human Resource Consultant, an educator, a Family Life Enthusiast who provides support to families, guides them in order to create systems that help families thrive. She runs a staffing and placement agency alongside a training school for semi skilled and domestic staff. Her vision is to professionalize the domestic staffing industry in Nigeria. She is an alumnus of University of Nottingham. Obafemi Awolowo University, Park Royal Finishing School, China Europe International Business School. Her experience spans several fields including Education , Family Life, Child abuse, Human Resources and Finance. She is a member of CIPD(UK), Member,ILM(UK) and Teacher’s Registration Council of Nigeria. She is a WIMBIZ mentor and has been featured on TVC news as well as a guest columnist on BellaNaija where she shares insights on how to build a mutually beneficial relationship between a domestic staff and their employers.

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