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A Survivor & Inspiration! Adenike Oyetunde shares Her Journey on “Life Lessons with Betty Irabor”

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A new episode of “Life Lessons with Betty Irabor” is out, and the guest on this episode is a media personality, Adenike Oyetunde.

Adenike opens up about how a “domestic fall in the house” led to her developing bone cancer and having one of her limbs amputated, her journey and living as an amputee, how her health challenge led her family to seek help from every quarter, including going to a ‘babalawo’.

She said it happened in university when she was a law undergraduate. After the fall, her leg began to enlarge and she had to go from one place to the other in search of solutions. She detailed the extent her family went and the things they did after receiving advice from people claiming her problem was spiritual and offering one solution or the other.

She spoke about the stigma that comes with living with a disability, the uncomfortable stares from people, getting prosthetics and more.

Watch the new episode below:

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