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Toke Makinwa is Answering all Your Questions on this Episode of “Toke Moments”



On this episode of “Toke Moments“, Toke Makinwa is answering all the questions you asked on the Q&A session from her 36th birthday. She writes,

36 legit started with a bang, you asked and I answered 🤪. Watch me in the hot seat this week as I try to answer all your questions. In less than 24 hours you asked over 2 thousand questions from career choices, to dating, if my birkin bags are real, 🧐 you even asked what age I started having sex… we had to shut it down and we still couldn’t get to everyone.

You guys are wild yo, but I answered as much as I could and I hope you get to know me a little more than you already do. Thank you for sending in your questions.


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