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Help Oghale Eheri Get a Life-Saving Surgery Through DonateNG

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People experience a lot of health challenges, especially in times like this where there’s so much economic hardship, thereby making it increasingly difficult for them to meet up with the high hospital bills. For those who are in need of help, it can become very exhausting when there seems to be no help in sight. That is why it is important for all of us to help save lives in our own little way.

In October 2018, Oghale Eheri was diagnosed with scoliosis of the spine (an abnormal cerebral curvature of the spine). This was discovered after her mum started noticing her shoulders were off-balance when she bent over and the incessant pains from her back and hands. She had to be brought home from boarding school for a medical checkup. They were told it can only be managed with braces, and then later corrected with a surgery.

From October 2018 up till now, she has been managing this illness with braces, drugs and the regular medical appointments to the hospital have become very challenging. The painkillers she has been using to mitigate the severe pains has also led to her having ulcers.

She is therefore appealing for donations towards surgery which costs 10 million naira. Oghale’s mum can no longer foot the bills because all the proceeds from her business have gone into medical expenses. The curve of her back has increased significantly and one of the shoulders is now higher than when she was initially diagnosed. It’s becoming more life threatening, and she is pleading for your contributions to her cause. A donation of any amount will make a difference in Oghale’s life.

She wants to be able to live a life free of pain and to fulfil her dream of becoming a nurse and a supermodel. She may never be able to do all of these without your help. 

Kindly log on to to make your donations, and save Oghale’s life.


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