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Ekeng Complicates Things Further in Episode 5 of TNC’s “Our Best Friend’s Wedding” Season 2

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In this new episode, Jade finally gives Kemi the gist about what Mr Effiong has been up to and trust Kemi to serve her a cool dose of truth!

Lanre on the other hand is still managing to finesse his way through his Hannah Montana double life Kemi doesn’t suspect a thing! Things take an even more dramatic turn at the Manuels’ residence because our favourite couple is about to get a “crazy” surprise visitor.

Meanwhile, the resident hottie, Charlie boy seems to be going through it with all these women in his life and in episode 5 of TNC Africa’s “Our Best Friend’s Wedding” season 2, Ekeng complicates things even more.

Directed by Belinda Yanga, this new season boasts of many familiar and new faces with Gbemi Olateru-Olagbegi returning as Kemi, Martha Ehinome joining the cast to play the role of Jade and Maurice Sam joining as Charles to complete the trio we all know and love.

Watch the new episode below:

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