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How Nigeria’s GIVO (Garbage In Value Out) & Precious Plastic are Turning Plastic Waste to Building Materials | WATCH

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Lagos, Nigeria, is one of the largest cities in Africa and has a big plastic waste problem. Plastic waste can be seen on the streets, in waterways and most often ends up in dumpsites, causing environmental degradation and negative health effects. The majority of the plastic waste collected is most commonly exported to be processed, only to be re-imported later as new products. This process is expensive and carbon-intensive due to transporting the material over large distances. 

In July 2021, Precious Plastic and GIVO (Garbage In Value Out) teamed up to make a local circular economy for plastic in Lagos. The goal? Start turning plastic waste into new building materials for the construction and furniture making industry. Victor Boyle-Komolafe, the founder of GIVO, led the project launch to set up a plastic recycling workspace using Precious Plastic machines to produce recycled plastic sheets. Recycled plastic sheets are a sustainable replacement for MDF plywood and are used to make furniture or in green construction. 

This new operation from GIVO marks the first recycled plastic sheet business in Nigeria. The outputs will boost the local recycling economy and provide a local Nigerian alternative to imported products.

Watch the entire process here:


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