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Nancy Isime Gives an Inside Scoop on her Life, Love & Career on Lilian’s Couch

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From “Kambili: the whole 30 yards” and “Merry Men 2” to the new and thrilling “Blood Sisters” Series, Nancy Isime is slowly becoming a household name in Nollywood.

The beautiful actress joins Lilian Afegbai for an exclusive interview on Lilian’s Couch. Nancy describes her life as a book coined “At Peace”. To answer a question from the host, she shares a state of acceptance and calm she has gotten to in her life as a whole. 

She further shares her journey to independence and how she slowly worked her way to the top. Starting her trip to stardom at 16, sharing how she didn’t aim for fame but for independence and growth. 

On career and acting, she shares how she chooses to work – to be better than her last performance. “When a new project is out, critics would always say ‘this is her best performance yet’ and that just shows where I am in my head,” Nancy says.

The star supports the preservation of the inner child because of life situations. (Preach sister!) Life happens, and while it will influence some of our perspectives, it should never dim your spark. Keeping her inner child alive has always been what keeps her so happy and bubbly. 

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