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Oghogho Osayimwen: Have You Activated the Japa Dream?

If you are planning on japa-ing, please do it for yourself and ensure the process is legit.



In the wake of my consciousness, it suddenly hits me: 80% of my family and friends have exited Nigeria to abroad. This realization dawned on me at a send-forth dinner held for a friend who was relocating to Canada with her family. I became really worried that my circle of friends is gradually reducing in my home country, Nigeria. If I am not mistaken, she was the 4th friend relocating in the month of May 2022. Isn’t this rush to japa crazy?

As we all shared our good wishes and thoughts with her, the dreaded question was directed to me, “babe, when you dey japa, abi you like as things dey?” I am very sure there was a long pause before they received my usual response “I am working on it.” Am I really?

In the midst of all the challenges currently facing our economy, it seems everyone has activated the japa dream. It has become “a new dream” and is dwelling amongst us. A friend at the dinner said, “anyway na way o, the end result na to japa las las, let’s all stay focused.” A very deep sigh for me as I pondered “am I still living a fairytale in our home country, Nigeria, because the japa dream is not fully activated for some of us. Even when we clamour for basic amenities and infrastructure, we keep the Nigeria dream alive but on the flip side, our soul yearns to japa.

But for my family and friends who have relocated over the years, it’s a journey of no return. Trust me, the numbers will keep rising, as our economy will lose brilliant and exceptional citizens, especially the youths, to the japa dream. My cousin’s reason for relocating to Manchester in England was solely on the desire to enjoy an organized system and some sanity. He said, even the wealthy in Nigeria faces our rugged system on a daily just to survive, how about the less fortunate? I really do enjoy the pluses of being abroad too, especially the awesome educational system, medical care, 24 hours power supply and sanity but the cold weather and loneliness give me the chills. Sigh.

Where are you in the japa journey?

The financial implication to process the japa dream is also quite expensive. Any route you embark on – schooling, provincial nomination, and so on, incurs a huge financial commitment, amounting to millions of Naira. No thanks to the unrest between the dollar and the naira in recent times. Where then lies the hope of the common man here?

Who would blame those relocating though? The peps in an organized society are quite welcoming, and it encourages planning and growing effectively with opportunities available in their economy. 

Over the years, I had this group of friends that were die-hard patriotic Nigerians. Some of these friends are on the fence now, bearing the hope that the economy will improve, a little hope and a little faith, just because giving up was never the dream for them. One of them earns very well in dollars and enjoys two streams of income that cater for his needs. At this time, all he silently prays for is a saner and secure community, where he can raise his kids without anxiety or fear. He is still holding on to his Nigerian dream and faith, but who knows if he may be considering the japa dream soon?

If you are planning on japa-ing, please do it for yourself and ensure the process is legit. Help is not far off, as there are professional japa consultants that serve as advisory and implementation officers for this course. They help to activate, process and achieve the japa dream if you are uncertain on workable steps. It’s a very laudable business venture at this time because at least 1 in 3 persons you know embodies the desire to relocate for a better future and sunrise, even when they are uncertain about what they may encounter. They are optimistic and take the plunge just with a little leap of faith. Perhaps that’s the only drive the school of thought that is pondering on the decision to japa or not should run with – a leap of faith. 

Have you activated your japa dream? Just don’t live out the idea, research properly, manage your expectations, plan and plan adequately! Remember, in all of this japa dream, you matter. Just learn to create your own happiness wherever you decide to stay. Nigerians remain resilient wherever and however the tides!



Feature Image: Gustavo Fring for Pexels 

Oghogho Osayimwen is a writer and corporate communications expert in Abuja Nigeria. She prides herself in relating life experiences in words to help others live and travel through life unshaken. She loves adventure and helping people build their personal brands. [email protected]

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