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Biodun Da-Silva: Your Talent is Your Seed of Greatness

Never stop believing in yourself or your ability to take yourself to the next level.

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“I believe that everyone has a talent, ability or skill that he can mine to support himself and to succeed in life” – Dean Koontz.

I was sitting in my living room on a Saturday morning and checking Netflix for shows or movies I could entertain myself with when I saw Afrobeats – The Backstory, a documentary. Before I watched it, I didn’t know what it was all about nor had I seen any reviews or comments about it on the Nigerian Instagram community – my go-to place for movie reviews.

Reluctantly, I clicked on it to see what it was all about. It started with the introduction of Afrobeat, which I am a lover of, and featured several Nigerian entertainment musicians and music from the 90s that brought back many memories. I saw music artists, groups, and bands from my generation – people who were a huge part of my life. Music talents that would forever change the face of the Nigerian entertainment industry. Songs from talented singers who paved the way for the new generation of talents that are now representing Nigeria on the global stage. At that moment, I started wondering what these artists would have become if they hadn’t pursued their talent. To say I was fascinated is an understatement.

Watching the documentary also helped me. Having lost my dad in April, I had found myself unable to write. No matter how hard I tried, I found it difficult to put words to paper. Watching the documentary helped me write this essay. Essentially, someone I’ve never met and may never meet reactivated my mental block through an idea and a gift of narration. Talent is a blessing, not just to the owner, but to many generations.

What truly inspired this essay was seeing the videos of dynamic creatives of the 90s, how they started their career, and where they are presently. A lot has changed from that time – some fell off, some are still thriving, and some are dead.  

Like the artists, many people from their generation had talent that wasn’t utilized and because of that, the world didn’t get to know them or their talents. The saying that the burial ground has the most unused gifts buried in it made more sense to me after I watched the documentary. Many people have died with their unused, God-given talent.

Just like everything else in life, putting your talent to work and creating the life you desire comes with its own set of challenges. Your patience will be tested, you’ll experience disappointments, failures, and setbacks. In moments like that, you’ll feel like quitting, you’ll stop believing in yourself. But quitters never win nor do they get to the end of a race. When the odds are stacked against you, never stop pressing towards progress. Never stop believing in yourself or your ability to take yourself to the next level.

Nature has planted a seed of greatness in every one of us. We didn’t just show up on earth; we were created to fill a need in our generation. Albert Einstein made important contributions to the continuation and the growth of our world through his inventions. Mark Zuckerberg created something we all enjoy today.

Your talent could be the missing piece of the puzzle that’ll unlock your success, you just have to find it within yourself. Someone somewhere needs your gift and talent, and fear may be impeding you from utilizing your seed of greatness.  

Technology has made it easier for us to share our talents with the world, It reaches places we may never get to geographically. Your gifts contribute to your growth and development, and sharing your creative talents is one of the easiest ways of creating wealth. Sometimes, it may not even benefit you financially but rest assured that you are contributing your quota for growth, peace, happiness, and the continuation of the human race.

The fulfilment that comes from blessing your generation with your gift cannot be over-emphasized. At the end of the day, you’ll be able to say with your full chest that you came, saw, and conquered.


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Biodun Da-Silva is a Writer, Columnist, An Entrepreneur and a Humanitarian. She is passionate in the area of helping other women find/use their voices and their purpose for the greater good of mankind. Her writings has been featured in numerous print and digital publications and her articles can be read at

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