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Dennis Isong: Why You Should Purchase Apartments Close to Shopping Malls

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The location where you purchase a property is important. Sometimes, you can buy a property and realise you made a mistake choosing that place. There are certain features you should look out for when buying a property. One of them is its proximity to shopping malls, hotels, schools, and so on.

Buying an apartment is always the first choice for people that are interested in getting started with a real estate investment. But with most investments, you have to start right. An obvious choice for your real estate investment would be an apartment in a highly-urbanized area, especially one that is near a shopping mall. Why?

Easy access to products and items that are only available in shopping centres

If you ask many people, they’d tell you how frustrating it can be to search for the most basic things and not find them close by. It’s frustrating to go to your nearby store and realize they either don’t stock up on your favourite things, or they always run out of them. So it’s an advantage to live in an apartment that is near a shopping mall. You won’t have to worry about looking for certain items because you know that the store has a lot of them in stock. It’s also consoling to know that going from your apartment to the shopping center will take a few minutes, and getting there won’t be such a herculean task.

Access to schools, parks, and other recreational facilities

An area that has a mall facility is an area that bustles with activities. Mall developers make sure that their businesses are located in areas where many people pass by or meet during the day. So, if your apartment is located right next to a huge shopping center, you can be sure that your apartment is located right in the heart of the city. Such areas will most likely have schools, parks, hospitals, and so on around that make having a property close by worthwhile. It’s also very convenient for people who have families. 

A shopping centre/mall makes for a great landmark

Landmarks are important features to look out for when buying a property. One of the biggest issues with moving to a new place is having to describe it. However, if you’re living right next to a big shopping mall or commercial district, it becomes easier to describe your location to people coming to visit. 

No problem with public transportation

Unlike some places where getting commercial vehicles is an extreme sport because of where it’s located, property near a shopping mall does not have issues with that. Since it’s an area bustling with activities, you are sure of a good and active transport system.



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