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Women Radio’s “Iconic Women of Our Time” Series Celebrates Women Role Models

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Women Radio has released a series of audio-visuals to celebrate iconic women who have made their mark in Nigeria and beyond.  The Iconic Women of our Time series is audio-visual storytelling that showcases stories and positive women role models as agents of change who resist corruption and uphold accountability.

Women are sexually exploited, harassed and hindered in their ability to make a decent living as a result of corrupt systems. These issues faced by women are not regarded and treated as crucial by duty bearers leaving them more vulnerable to corruption, hence the need to have more voices amplifying the effects of corruption from the women’s angle.

Women role models from time past have fought and continue to fight corrupt systems wherever it occurs especially as it affects women, and the likes of Dora Akunyili, Hope Nwakwesi and the Ebenebe Women amongst others have proven to be incorruptible, accountable and transparent in their works and line of duty and we celebrate their stories.

They have fought against a corrupt system and proven that women are strong, tenacious and ambitious and are evidently agents of change fighting against exploitation in kind or cash to access basic amenities of good governance, public essential services such as provision of jobs, good medical services, schools with better education.

The Iconic Women of Our Time series is an initiative of Women Radio 91.7, and is supported by the MacArthur Foundation.

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