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Yetty Williams: You Should Make Reading a Part of Your Child’s Life

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Many parents struggle with getting their children to read books. This is especially true because in this digital age, children now have several other options to spend their time on or get distracted. Encouraging children to read for leisure can be a challenge, but there are several strategies parents can use to make reading a more enjoyable and rewarding activity for children of all ages. While digital learning materials can be convenient and accessible, physical books offer unique benefits that can enhance comprehension, focus, critical thinking and creativity.

There are several benefits of reading for children. Research suggests that reading a physical book offers several benefits. It is known to improve the language and vocabulary skills of children as they tend to encounter more words. Reading can improve a child’s cognitive skills, including their ability to concentrate, reason, and think critically. 

Physical books also offer fewer distractions than digital devices, such as notifications and pop-ups. The experience of turning pages and physically engaging with a book helps to stay engaged and focused.

Some tips to get your child to read more

  • Make reading a part of your daily routine. Set aside a regular time each day for reading. For instance, before bedtime. Once they start this routine early it will help with screen time distractions as they get older.
  • Give your child access to different types of age-appropriate reading materials. This can include picture books, fiction, non-fiction, comics, and magazines across various genres. 
  • Help your child set achievable reading goals, like reading for 30 minutes daily or completing a certain number of books in a month. And you can add a reward every time they achieve their reading goals. 
  • Be a good role model and ensure your child sees you reading for leisure. You can also make it part of your family time to talk about the books you are reading together.
  • Limit screen time. Set limits on screen time and encourage your child to fill the time with reading instead.

Encouraging children to read books is essential for their intellectual and emotional development. As parents, it is crucial to understand that reading can be a fun and rewarding activity for children. By creating a reading-friendly environment at home, setting a positive example, and incorporating different strategies, parents can help their children develop a love for reading that will last a lifetime. Remember, reading is not just a hobby, but a gateway to new ideas, perspectives, and experiences that can enrich a child’s life in countless ways.

So make reading a part of our daily routine and help your children unlock the power of the written word.



Feature image: William Fortunato for Pexels

Yetty Williams is a social entrepreneur, coach and the founder of LagosMums, the leading parenting resource and community for parents raising digital citizens. As a speaker, she has been invited to speak several times on Parenting, work-life balance, digital media, and entrepreneurship at various companies, schools, company retreats and many more platforms locally and globally. She is a co-host of the Parenting Today show on LagosTalks 91.3 FM on Thursdays at 12.30 pm where she delves into various parenting topics. Yetty has won many awards over the years some of which include, being announced as the winner in the Social Media/Online media category in the ELOY (Exquisite Lady Of the Year) 2015 Awards and was a nominee in the Digital Media Entrepreneur category in 2019. Yetty was recognized as a conversation starter in the YNaija 100 media list and in 2021 was named as one of the Top 500 Most Influential Africans in the World (Tropics Global Business and Lifestyle Magazine) and in 2022 was listed as an Eko Women 100, recognised by the Lagos State Governor, for her work with Women and Girls among many others. LagosMums through the Google Online Safety Roadshow workshops and as one of the winners in the Africa Online Safety Fund, set up by has successfully trained over 2000 students, and educators in the community and schools on online safety and being responsible digital citizen. Yetty's focus as a parenting coach is particularly focused on raising children in the digital age and ensuring that children and families are using digital for good and raising responsible digital citizens. She holds a certificate in Keeping Children Safe Online and Child Protection from the NSPCC Connect with Yetty: LagosMums on Instagram: @lagosmums Linkedin: LagosMums Parenting Website: Yetty's Website: YettyWilliams on Instagram: @yettywilliams Clubhouse: @yettywilliams

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