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Our favourite ‘2 Baba’ as he calls himself is back with a new track.
I’m sure you are wondering what ‘2 Baba’ means; Well 2face is the proud father of 3 children by 3 different women within the space of a year (He also featured in safe sex ads targeting Nigerian Youth….hmmmm…I can see he took that advice seriously).
For now, 2 of the kids have been ‘claimed’ and he is still trying to confirm the paternity of the third therefore, lets say that child is ‘awaiting confirmation’.
Anyway, he has a new track that is heating up the radio. Its called “For Instance”…….The song isn’t as hot as his previous hits but it’s alright. That’s just my opinion.Anyway, you can listen to the song HERE
Unfortunately, it’s not available for download yet……but I’m working on that.

Did anyone catch him on tour? How was it?
Have a nice weekend everyone! I am moving this weekend…..From Monday, I’ll be joining the ranks of those who are gainfully employed….hopefully it will be fun!

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